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  1. Nice! I've just dragged my 6100/66 DOS out of the stack recently and am waiting on finding my HDI-45 adapter or buying another to plug it in and see what it does now. It used to run, but I never played with the DOS side of it. Would be great if somebody with the boxed software were to make an image of all it entails, or at least the card specific stuff such as the DOS drivers and the PC Setup disks if they havent already. I guess for what its worth, DOS and 3.1 are easily enough obtainable and technically we can't be seen to be condoning "piracy" of such things so yes...
  2. Welllp... power supply didnt explode immediately. It was more of a timid snap after a couple of dodgy startups, and a subsequent failure to draw power at all after that. Might be ATX conversion time...
  3. Unfortunately there likely isnt one... and even if you can get a temporary fix, you will still be needing to change those old caps if you want the machine to last. Apple used some cheap, nasty caps in some machines in that era, and as explained before, electrolytic caps have a finite life regardless of rating or quality. The original caps have likely well exceeded their rated lifetime in a lot of cases (many caps are rated to only 1000-2000hrs of use before failure... If a computer is used for 6 hours each day, every day for a year, then that equates to just shy of 2200hrs over the course of t
  4. You dont need to worry so much about the small flat orange caps as they have a pretty much indefinite lifespan, but ALL the electrolytic capacitors should be replaced... surfacemounts, axials and radials. These do have a finite lifespan, and most are well past the point where they can be expected to remain in spec and servicable. Age alone can cause them to degrade albeit slowly, and they are generally rated for a certain number of operational hours in a given temperature range... and the hotter they are during operation, the shorter the life. Eventually they will leak or blow, but even befor
  5. Well, as of yesterday afternoon the Minitower is now a complete unit booting flawlessly into a fresh install of 8.6 with a 7.5Gb U-series I found in a slotload drive rack in the cupboard, and currently using my test CD-ROM drive until i out a new or otherwise working unit in it's place. Still havent worked out what the quarrel it had with OS9 is... the 7.5Gb drive had a dual install of 9 and some flavour of X and it also refused to boot. Whatever... it works now Note the computer in the background of the networking setup assistant... Having gotten this thing now together and working,
  6. I probably wouldnt use the term "modern" to describe the 7.5Gb U-Series that is currently in it (first working drive I pulled off the shelf that didnt have things I'd be sad about formatting over), but alas yes, it is IDE nonetheless. But yes, I'm definitely with ya there Byrd... very handy machine to have too by virtue of being a tower with lots of drive bays, a great, easily workable case, an onboard SCSI controller still but also two IDE channels, and being that I decided to build the Rev.2 machine for this project, it also supports slaving on the IDE buses (unlike the Rev. 1 which is
  7. I recall reading years back that the 5500 (which uses the same logic board but in an AIO) could unofficially support 128MB DIMMs to give a maximum of 256Mb... that being said, i cannot verify the legitimacy of these claims. Unfortunately I am not even in a position to test the theory, as even though i now have 128Mb DIMMs that i didnt back then, I no longer have a fully functioning 5500 as a testbed.
  8. I think it was generally expected that if you had the money to buy a Mac tower which were the flagship models, then you were likely going to want to bu some decent speakers anyway, or were going to be using it in a specific application where it didnt matter... realistically the only reason they have a speaker is that it's not acceptable to sell a computer without one. lol Most of the pro machines right up to the last tower MacPros had pretty woeful onboard speakers for this reason, whilst lower end machines such as AIO Performas and iMacs etc, had pretty decent speakers in them as whilst t
  9. Thanks Nic, I look forward to seeing your thread in the near future... if the list in your signature is anything to go off, there are some interesting things. The 8500 and PB145 are ofparticular interest... also two machines I would like to get my hands on soonish. So, the G3 minitower is now successfully booting 8.6 from a CD after replacing the CD-ROM drive (currently using my test drive)... Now just requires a hard disc. IN the process of getting this running I decided I'd use it as a testbeed to verify that my 7600 and WGS drives had definitely failed. I kind of hoped the 7600 was ju
  10. It's probably functioning normally... the speaker in my G3 minitower is appalling, and the ones in the blue and white and graphite towers were not a great deal better, just a bit louder and more meaty. Still sound like ass though by comparison to even the speaker in my 22 year old IIvx.
  11. I have to say you are definitely among the best people ive dealt with on evilbay in years mate... An absolute pleasure! I do very much look forward to seeing a stash thread in the near future! And yes you are correct, the J28 jumper near the lower PCI slot configures the board for the DT (MAC setting) or the MT (PS2 setting) power supply... with the MT using what is basically a standard ATX unit. Anyway, the 300MHz machine now looks a lot more like a Powermac than it did before. It just needs a few RF shields and some better bezels at leisure. Meanwhile this is the stack of
  12. Yep I couldnt go past it... I beleive the may be a member on here somewhere actually as they mentioned both forums to me. I ended up using the bits I required from them to finish off the 9600 so it is now a 100% complete machine, and then spent the early hours of the morning assembling the 300MHz machine into a complete unit using the best parts from both machines and now have it successfully powering on and attempting to boot from a HDD and a CD... it failed to boot and had a spaz when i tried to boot it of a HDD then i realised it is a 9.2.2 install which the beige ROMs may not like, a
  13. My latest eBay conquest arrived, in the form of a pair of G3 Minitowers which I purchased for 30 bucks and got a friend in Victoria to pick up for me... his mother in law (also a nerd from way back in the days of BBS's) just dropped them off to me an our ago after coming back from a 10 hr drive. God bless her! The one on the left is a 266 and the one on the right a 300... I actually initially bought these specifically for a CD-ROM bezel, a drive sled, and a drive bay RF plate for my 9600. However the machines are largely complete, and assuming I have one working logic board and one working
  14. Yeh they are garguantuan and awkward machines the 5500... my first ever Powermac was a standard white 225 and it was at the time, a slick, fast and capable rig, and I have always had a soft spot for them. But yes, the plastics are among the worst I have ever seen on any Mac to date. It literally gives way in your hands if you pick them up the wrong way. If I ever find a mac TV for sale in Australia I will probably be all over it... They are one of my grail machines and always have been. At this stage I am in no big hurry to repair the DE as even when I do, I have no place to permanantly insta
  15. Yep, plenty of brands available and a wide variance in price between... Varta are among the most expensive. At one point they were about the highest quality batteries you could get, however I do not beleve they are made in Germany anymore. In any case, you dont specifically need to use these... Saft is the brand of choice for many enthusiasts these days as they were an OEM supplier to Apple from the late 90's onwards, are readily available, of reasonable quality and not stupidly costly. Other brands exist that are fine within their designed lifetimes... I would probably avoid the cheapest of c
  16. Just recently pulled some machines out of storage including this Powercenter 132... One of a pair I have. I just replaced the CD-ROM drive with one I seagulled out of the dead WGS, as the original one would not respond or spin up discs. Hence the lack of frnt controls on the drive itself. These are an absolutely fantastic design... Everything is easily accessible, easily removable and laid out logically. Unfortunately no interior shots as I forgot to get some before I put it back together and stuck a 17" CRT on top. This formerly belonged to the local paper, the South Coast Register (hen
  17. And here we have the IIci after a tidy up... I love everything about these machines and they are definitely among my favourite desktop cases... except for when it comes to cleaning them. *bangs head against wall*... It took me nearly an hour to get all the grime and dust out of all the grooves in the plastic. But that aside they are soooo damn easy to take apart... literally one screw and a handful of nice soft plastic latches. Unfortunately this one will need a cap job and some cap leakage damage control before it flies again, but thankfully the damage does not seem too horrific. I must
  18. Next one looking sharp after a quick spruce up is the ROM03 IIgs... In all honesty I only ever really used this once and then put it away in a dark place as it was in such good nick. One thing I love about this machine (and a few others from the era) is the silkscreened monograph on the front of the PSU housing you can see in the open picture. The ROM03 IIgs in general is just a really pretty, well-made, "finished"-looking machine IMO, with all traces of it's IIe ancestry wiped clean. It really just does reek of good quality and good design. I actually sometimes wonder what these machin
  19. So as you probably know I intended to delve into the cave and retreive some more treasures, bats and spiders some time back but didnt know where to start... well I found the motivation, and as there were a few machines that seemed to tickle everyones fancy I used them as a starting point on my expedition. So the latest animals to make the move over to Batcave MkII are a quite loaded IIci, a rather mint condition ROM03 IIgs, and of most interest, the 5500/250 Directors Edition "Black Mac".... Most of you would be familiar with the 5400 DE, and the 5500/275DE as they were sold in various mark
  20. I've neglected this thread for a bit, however that isnt to say things havent been happening. : For one, I recently added a Sawtooth G4 to the tower of power collection... It's very stock, a little dirty, and has a couple of broken case latches but it worked like a charm after a PMU reset so no worries. It is missing the correct AGP graphics card, so I was limping it along on my stuffed PCI Rage128 card that is artefacted but works in everything. I will try and source a stock card or a later AGP Powermac graphics card for it soon enough. It is a stock as a rock 400Mhz model, 128Mb of RAM
  21. Ah well there ya go... the more you know. And yeh I do recall that now about the caps... I remember seeing a Mac II board some time ago and being over the moon at he fact there was not a single electrolytic in sight, and from what I recall, there is only a single electrolytic axial cap on the SE logic board as well. I think all the bad caps they decided not to use in the Mac II or SE must have ended up in every SE/30 ever made. lol
  22. So, after reading trag's contribution to a thread involving CPU card compatibility in edge-slot Powermacs, I note that there are actually fairly significant differences between the Tsunami and later Kansas boards in the 9600... In any case, I decided to pull out my spare 9600 board to identify it and discovered it is actually a Kansas unit. My 9600, being a 200MP, is the earlier Tsunami architecture. Now this for one, explains why it wouldnt operate with the 200MP card in the spare board. Anyway, as it stands, I currently run the 9600 in a heavily upgraded form with a Sonnet G3/400 CPU, 76
  23. 3.6V should be fine, but that said, I've seen the Varta brand 3V ones for under 10 bucks a unit on ebay, whicch were OEM fitment on late 80's Apple's and Mac's such as the SE and IIgs so will even look mostly factory. To my understanding, the 3V ones are actually 3.6V anyway... Somebody correct me if I'm wrong. But yes, if the Mac II won't boot, and hasnt been recapped, I would start there... I've never come across a Mac that early that would fail to boot due to flat batteries alone. Later Powermacs, particularly the TNT and Kansas machines can do some funny things with no PRAM battery, bu
  24. Options are pretty much as follows A) Leave the batteries out... Flat PRAM wierdness doesnt really affect most 68k's of that era. B ) Cut the existing pigtails really close to the old battery, lay somefoil or something under the area and carefully solder a normal battery to the pigtails from the old one... taking care to not apply too much heat to the battery for obvious reason. C) Buy a cheap 1/2AA holder on eBay or where-ever and install it where the battery was. formerly suspended. D) Solder wires to the battery pads and run to an external holder mounted outside of the case
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