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  1. Much as I love G5's, I must concede that the PCI-X dual-processor machines are one of the biggest pile of junk paperweight boat anchors Apple ever made... I parted my flakey dual-2.0 out some time ago as I frankly could not even be bothered with a reflow on what is just an all out badly engineered machine. The PCIe 2.0 dual-core that replaced it is a far better, faster, more stable and also much cooler running machine which has given me next to no trouble with hardware other than the DVD drive going on the fritz, which is a normal wear and tear item in my books.
  2. Nah Australias not too dangerous... hang on, is that a white-tail spider? Shit. Halp.
  3. I find the 580 display cringeworthy in all honesty, however I had a 575 for some time, as well as the Diamondtron CRT Studio display and the beautiful Pismo LCD to compare with... Basically all the best monitors apple ever had, so I guess really any cheap 14" CRT is going to be hard to swallow by comparison. For what the machine can do, it is adequate however. And a cool simple little hack I did involved using a 6xxx series logic board with the 580 backing plate screwed in and creating a nice compact little AIO Powermac... albeit a fairly slow one. However back in the early 2000's when I d
  4. I'm interested in the outcome of this, as I have a squealing pizzabox or two myself.
  5. Nice! I'm currently using the day and my convalescant state (severe groin muscle strain ) as an excuse to resurrect at least some of my stack of pizzabox Macs
  6. I still used my SE Superdrive for word processing until about 10 years ago as it was nice typing on a crisp monochrome CRT with a small screen diameter that allows you to keep a constant line of sight and minimise eye fatigue to an extent. Tbh, if I had space to set one up permanantly, without being obtrusive, I would fully recap one of m Classics and keep using it for this purpose. As it stands, the SE now lives in a dark walk-in robe in a room without windows to prevent yellowing its nearly mint condition case plastics, and only comes out on occasions. I guess you could say it probably is t
  7. Those killer cords have made my goddamn morning!
  8. I have nothing useful to contribute to this thread at this point, however it interests me sufficiently to follow it.
  9. I intend on doing this with my 750AV... they were usually a paperweight after a few years, and mine is no exception. I have no intent to fix whatever is stopping it powering up... simply going to install an LCD and throw the rest of the old internals in the garbo so I have a nice, superficially period and context correct Apple display for my 9600 that is reliable and wont give me headaches. I can't help but feel this is a slight bit of an overdramatization of the risk, if any exists... Not trying to be inflammatory or state point blank that these displays NEVER caught fi
  10. Holy crap on a cracker.... This makes me a little uncomfortable, and makes me far happier to just replace electrolytics every 10 years. Also I am curious as to what this error is at C22 on certain LCIII's.
  11. I thought one or two did exist back in the days of the early 601 machines... would have been fairly easy to implement givn they were architecturally rather similar. That said, in the presence of factory boards that slot straight in, I assume the market would have been limited.
  12. THis thread gave me a headache by the time i got to the bottom... But yes, I am going to say your machine likely has either a PPC upgrade or has a 6200 logic board in it. I will award points for style and commitment for the MSPaint replica of an error window.
  13. Hands down, I must choose the SE, specifically the FDHD amd SuperDrive models as they are realistically the most useful, having an internal hard drive and ROM support for the HD FDD out of the box. I choose the SE by virtue of reliability and good engineering alone... in most other respects they are the same as any other 8MHz compact. Unlike the Plus however, the SE has active cooling, rather than convection cooling and the associated shortening of lifespans on the AB componentry as suffered by the Plus, and also 128k and 512K. There are still no SMD electrolytics in sight on the SE, so logic
  14. Can't complain for that price. My 2.0DP PCIX was relegated to a dank corner as a parts hack a long time ago after the U3 and possibly also a CPU went bad... I replaced it with a DC 2.0 PCIE and never looked back. All I can really say is, good luck with that machine... you will need it!
  15. More of a Mercedes-Benz guy myself, but one of those certainly would compliment my G5 nicely!
  16. I suddenly just got to feeling really old with talks of abandoned landline services and modems possibly not working... Hell, it seems like not that long ago I was still looking up pr0n0graphic images as a teenager in my bedroom at 2am with the volume turned down on my 33.6k external modem so as not to wake the parents or my young siblings.
  17. I actually love this thread so much, I could just play billiards in the rain in my underpants!
  18. Yep, that is ENTIRELY unacceptable "packaging", and ownership lies squarely in the court of the seller, not the shipping company... even handled like eggshells, the machine would have broken just from movement during transport, due to lack of any packaging in the box. This completely useless moron deserves to be held to acount for his sheer laziness and failure to meet his obligation as a seller. You paid for a working and complete machine, and you got a splintered wreck, due to the sellers lack of care alone, so as such I would say compensation is in order for the product you realistically di
  19. Yes, definitely do the caps as a precautionary measure as soon as practical to do so... you will find a lot of CC's tend to not want to power up when the caps start to go bad. This is often initially due to leaked goo shorting componentr, and they will come good with a toothbrushing. But this is only a temp fix... eventually as more goop leaks and the caps fall further out of spec, the problems become more frequent and varied, until the machine becomes unusable.
  20. Well played sir! I have just restored one of these myself and have a second one to do later, which needs some more in depth work. For secondhand drives, eBay is likely your best bet, however if you are confident with the lid off the drive, you may find the problem to be a simple matter of the heads being stuck against the degraded rubber bumpstops which if the heads havent smeared rubbery goo all over the platters, you may fix. This may not be a guaranteed fix but worth a try all the same... for what it's worth, no harm can come from opening a drive thatd otherwise be considered rubbish.
  21. And it seemed like not that long ago we were worried about Y2K and the world imploding! lol
  22. He who take's cakes the Parsee man bakes, makes dreadful mistakes!

  23. Correct as far as the floppy drive goes... will work but will not be able to be used with the case on, as no, they arent auto-inject whereas the IIci and IIsi are... this said, if it works, you definitely should hold onto it as a testing, go-to and whatever device. As for the CD-ROM drive, whilst it is correct on both counts that the beige G3 came with a 24x ATAPI CD-ROM, it also was the last desktop Mac to ship with an onboard SCSI controller and has an internal fast-SCSI port and supports SCSI booting. As such, in dire straits there is no reason you could not still use the SCSi device a
  24. Here we go... simply replace the extension and you are good to go. http://asa.max1zzz.co.uk/English-North_American/Macintosh/System/CPU_Specific_Updates/Power_Mac_G3/G3_Ethernet_2.0.4.smi.bin This is to my knowlege an issue and a fix specific to the beige G3 series... The pre-G3 Powermac's had an issue under certain circumstances where transferring large files across the inbuilt ethernet would hang the system, however this was covered by a seperate fix. This off memory affected the 75xx/85xx/95xx series and their related x6xx counterparts (also likely the 7300 and maybe WGS7350 as the
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