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  1. So the last few parts turn up and I made some progress. This is my second ever trace repair, first one on a mac. Its just above C2 on the left: The whole board is now having a well earned bath in IPA after a good scrub down with an anti-static brush: I'll let it soak overnight then dry it off for a couple of days - then we will see
  2. Am in the process of doing the recap but I broke a trace (see my recap post). Have the wire for a repair but waiting for Amazon to deliver some solder mask, am going to practice my trace repair on a prototype board from another project before I move on to the mac logic board. Washing up bowl, IPA, and anti static brushes are standing by for the clean and soak.
  3. is the cable for an SE/30 - I am looking to build one of these and replace the logic board connector. Do you have a part reference for the connectors?
  4. So almost finished the recap today MOSTLY went well BUT looking at the photos above I think I damaged a trace when desoldering C2 - you can see it in the above photos. I have some thin wire and solder mask on order so I will need to fix the trace before I can replace C2. Fixing traces is well out of my comfort zone!!! I also managed to somehow re-block the hole by C2 and it was a total pain to get the solder out again - I managed in the end with an oversized solder tip and some wick but that is probably how I damaged the trace in the first place. I used 25v Tantalums
  5. My Mouser order turned up today so I have started on my first ever recap on the newest SE/30 with the vertical scan problem. So far I have removed all the caps, cleaned up the pads, cleared the holes, and done and initial swab down of the board with IPA. Here is the board: And some close up shots I have looked at the traces after cleaning and everything looks pretty tidy. Next step is to recap with solid tantalums and radials as pe
  6. Just pulled the drives out of my working SE/30 and noticed that the HDD bracket has an LED at the front that does not seem to be connected to anything: I am assuming their should be a connection between this LED and the HDD, looking at the HDD itself I can see what I think is an LED jumper top left on the following: Will I need anything other than a pair of wires and some 2 pin connectors?
  7. Opened up my other SE30 project today and discovered a Shiva Etherport SE30 card with a Shiva Access-T daughter card. It looks to be in excellent condition with a D-Connector and what looks like a 10-BaseT connector. Not done any testing yet - recap comes 1st ofc. Here is the card: and here is the daughter card: There are 4 dip switches all off at the moment on the back of the Access-T card, I suspect they may be to do with switching between the DIN connector and the 10Base-T. Not found any documentation or drivers yet, assume there must be so
  8. So after 2 days of messing with this thing I have decided to give up and turn it into a fish tank of something.... Ok calm down I am, of course, joking I just did what I should probably done in the first place and dug out my EXISTING Mac SE/30 and tried some strategic swapping of components between the two. The NEW mac with the EXISTING logic board - works fine (Existing logic board has
  9. I don't have access to a scope. I'll start with the recap. For cleaning what's the best approach in the absence of an ultrasonic cleaner? I have access to IPA and swabs and a toothbrush. I've read comments about using a dishwasher but that sounds scary! I've looked at cheap 10L ultrasonics on Amazon but I am uncertain.
  10. Recap is planned, but I would like to see the display working first - and yes there is a thread in the classic forums...
  11. Adjusted the cutoff and desoldered J1, Flyback, C15 and L1 now I have a horizontal line. Its a start but not sure where to go next? Thanks to everyone for suggestions. Will post some more photos later.
  12. So it turns out the CRT is not dead - thanks for all the pointers here. I adjusted the cutoff and re-soldered J1 C15 and L1 and I have signs of life - I now have a horizontal line. I've read the docs on this one and have continuity checked J4 through to the logic board connector - that's OK. Not sure where to go next but I plan to do some more reading around and see what I can come up with.
  13. See above - good point, there is also a low quality startup vid.
  14. Here are some JPEGs... Motherboard: Ram slots 4 with metal clips and 4 plastic: 4 x 1MB (large) and 4 smaller modules like these: Some capacitor shots - they will get replaced but look ok visually: Lots of crud on Fan and inside of case, top of display is black when cleaned with IPA: Analog board: I found a battery coded 10 89 which I am guessing may be October 1989 which was intact: All in all a pretty tidy machine - 2 manuals and a burgundy carrying ba
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