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  1. I actually found an old working IDE drive in my cupboard that is doing good service
  2. Retrobrighting is going slowly on this one. We’ve lost the weather for now. First attempt is a bit patchy/blotchy so I am regrouping for round 2. Stylewriter seems to use a different plastic to the rest which is taking much longer.
  3. its all a bit unscientific at the moment: I grabbed a 'really useful box', with a clip on lid big enough for the SE/30 case I used the hot tap/faucet in my kitchen and a Bucket to Fill the container with the HOTTEST water to a depth that would just about cover the Case I dropped in my Fishtank heater set to Max (34 Degrees C) I added around 4 Litres of 13% Hydrogen Peroxide (I think this is 40 Vol) - I got this from an online supplies company (https://www.apcpure.com) and mixed it up I then arranged the case and other items in the water ensuring that ligh
  4. I have just stripped down a second SE/30 to RetroBright Tomorrow along with some other bits that need doing. While its cooking I will Recap the Analog Board and maybe the Sony Power supply.
  5. So here is the Before: And here is the after: Very pleased with the result.
  6. I filled my tub from the (very) hot tap in my house before adding the hydrogen peroxide and that certainly seemed to speed the reaction. Subsequent items at a much lower temperature 34 degrees C seem to be going a lot slower - the fishtank heater only goes to 34!
  7. So I think I am done retrobrighting my first SE/30 - I'm very happy with the results....
  8. Its a sunny day in the UK so time to do the case for my SE/30. Filled the big tub straight from the Hot Tap and added a decent quantity (maybe too much) of 13% Hydrogen Peroxide. Dropped in the Fishtank heater. They say if you get bubbles then things are working, mine is positively fizzing! I've dropped in a few bits of plastic that need a second go. I have a StyleWriter 2500 case and another SE/30 case ready to go when these are done, hoping for another Sunny day tomorrow. IMG_1275.mov
  9. I'm in! I took another run at it this evening and got the latches to unlock - mainly brute force and ignorance. I now have the plastics off and will start cleaning tomorrow.
  10. I am taking a look at the StyleWriter that came with my Performa. I have the service manual here: https://www.applerepairmanuals.com/the_manuals_are_in_here/Color_StyleWriter_2500.pdf I have got as far as Page 11 but cannot for the life of me figure out how to remove the rear cover. I can't even visualise the diagram on page 11 Anyone have any insights on how to do this?
  11. Having just taken the whole thing apart - if definitely doesn't detach. I eventually ordered 2 converters from the US that will do what I need. Postage was a killer but I now have Mac to VGA for the monitor and the system unit covered.
  12. Ok the monitor is stripped - by far the scariest thing I have done so far! Lots of photos so sorry if this is information overload. I converted these at Medium quality but if anyone wants hi res of anything let me know. I pretty much followed the disassembly steps from the service manual. The plastics are pretty brittle and some but just broke off in my hand. I've been extra careful with the Tube and Neck. Service Guide is here: https://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/displays/multiple_scan_15av_display.pdf Stand removal was very straightforward, some limited ye
  13. Do you mean it detatches - I don't see that on mine, it disappears inside the case?
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