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  1. Would the SE have the 1.4 SuperDrive before the SE30 upgrade I wonder?
  2. Like ten minutes away from my house, found this Mac Plus, Mac SE and SE/30 (upgraded SE) with a weird card in it. Looks like a network card (cabletron?). Also got the external hard drive with it. Everything works except the SE/30 has some weird pattern on the screen, probably needs a recap and maybe more.. never owned an SE before! Will try to mount a hard drive in there instead..
  3. Here's a cool article on older AM II and Digidesign stuff: https://happymacs.wordpress.com/tag/audiomedia-ii/ I had two 7100/80s back in the day with two different TDM systems. Had an expansion chassis with disk i/os, dsp farms, and samplecell cards.. fun times.
  4. I actually had the original AudioMedia 1 card running in a Macintosh IIx, and it had it's own RCA ins and outs right on the card, as opposed to the SA card, which connected to the I/O breakout box. I also have some older CDRoms and Floppy Authorization discs for Sound Designer II, and that software did actually work with the AM 1 card. It would be super cool to find the SE30 version of the Sound Tools card, but I've never seen one.. Craig PS. What are you doing with the AM2 card?
  5. The patched Apple Drive Setup can do this. I have a 475 with 5 2Gb Mac partitions and two ProDOS partitions. I also have a 100Mb Zip cartridge partitioned that can boot the 475 AND run Total Replay!!
  6. Wonder if there’s any chance of making this work on an SE/30 with the PDS to Nubus adapter card? Would you have to remove the SE/30 video rom first?
  7. Would this work with the older red 5.0b SCSI2SD perhaps? Very cool!!
  8. Unbelievable. This is the coolest thing!! Mind is blown.
  9. A friend of mine had a truckload of vintage ADB cables, phone net adapters and a sweet PowerCD with the original box!! Lots of CD-Rom games and MacAddict magazines!
  10. This actually makes sense. I recently rebuilt a backlit portable, but I am finding that the hard drive doesn’t want to spin up unless the power supply is attached. A friend of mine who gave this to me tried to power it up with the PowerBook 100 PS, which works, but isn’t really recommended. Wondering if my HDD controller board has some cap issues.. Any thoughts?
  11. Ah, sorry. Did you mean like the flat cable from the 500 series? If so, then I don’t know..
  12. At this point, he’s just willing to make them for people. He’s working on the hinge caps for me now. Also getting him to fabricate new rubberized feet for the Mac Portable.
  13. Just as a note, I happen to have the Apple Power Macintosh Upgrade Card for Quadra series, and it is tested good. 66Mhz version.
  14. Technically you could hook up the A/B switch and have it mounted on the back of the pizza box. That way you could still use the internal drive OR the FE when you need to.
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