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  1. Thanks! And Happy New Year! It looks like it’s the thicker, brass part of the switch that needs to be bent towards the copper leaf to make the contact better. The keyboards were pretty clean inside, but after some dusting - and maybe the disassembly/assembly - the numeric keypad works. I have to work with a lot of the keys still, tough.
  2. Thanks! edit: I found this: http://sandy55.fc2web.com/keyboard/apple_adjustable_e.html and this: https://deskthority.net/wiki/Alps_SKFR/SKFS_series#SKFS_White
  3. Merry Christmas! Did you read this thread? Do you use the same cable inside and outside of the Mac - and the same cable with the other drive?
  4. First picture is the keyswitch without key caps, shaft, spring and the top-lid of the keyswitch. The blue line marks the actual switch. On the opposite side is the “click-gismo”. Next picture is another angel without the tactile spring. Red lines mark the tiny dents that keep the top-lid in place. Third picture is the shaft, the tactile spring and the top lid. Red lines marks the hooks that engage with the bottom-part. I used a pointy medical blade to bend the hooks away from the dents on the bottom part. Pictures made with macro and the lens one cm away - it’s tiny and not easy to s
  5. I must admit I didn’t try the small F-keys on the numeric keypad, only the the ordinary keys. Neither the numbers nor the arrow-keys worked. So I wondered if there was something I had to do to enable the numeric keypad. Most of the keys on the ordinary keyboard worked as good as one could expect on an old keyboard- also the on/off (play) button and the small volume-buttons. The “record”-button is the small button with a microphone symbol in the lower right corner of the keyboard. Right now I have dismantled the keyboard and am trying to figure out how to open an
  6. Hi, I’m trying to get my Adjustable Keyboard to work. Apart from the usual flakey keys, the separate Nummeric pad isn’t working. I’ve only found one set old instal disks for the keyboard on Macintosh Garden, but it will not install on my system. I’m running a Colour Classic Takky (6500 MB) with System 8.6. The keyboard is recognised in System Profiler and the mouse connected through the Nummeric Pad is working. The adjustable keyboard should work on any ADB Mac, shouldn’t it? Should the correct drivers be included in system 8.6? Does anyone know a use for the Record button?
  7. Hi, last (and only one lately) I’ve seen fore sale in Norway vent for $230. It was realy nice and came with a StyleWriter, though probably not recapped. I tried to sell my CC Takky for $500, but did not get any offers. It has issues, and I decided to try and fix it instead. I’m afraid the Colour Classic II also is rather scars in Europe, at least it is in Norway.
  8. Hi! I used CRC 2-26 for the rinsing. I`m not sure if that`s the same as DeOxit, but it was the only product they had at the local hardwarestore. And it apperntly it worked - though I`m not shure of the long term effect.
  9. Thanks, I might need this! I dug out my Takky again (6500, 300mhz motherboard), to see if I could fix its shortcomings: the blue channel was missing from the display. After rinsing the display-adjustment pots and resoldering some dodgy looking connections on the analogboard, the blue channel was back. I think the rinsing would have been sufficient, though. But the display is still not stable. It flickers occasionally and the geometry is drifting from boot to boot. I think I will try a recap. And I will order for my Mystic as well. Greetings from Norway!
  10. Gee! Its back! I reseated the v-ram and gave them a wash. The edge-connector looked good, but also recieved a polish. No strange sounds and no whine :-) Thanks! As I told you, I might be back with my Takky. It has some issues. But is this the right forum? Should the Mystic realy be in LC/Performas (and the Takky would belong i Powermacs)?
  11. Thank you! No, the analogboard in this CC is completly stock, and looks very nice. The computer was very well kept when I bought it back in 2000-somthing. I used ResEdit on the systemfiles to make the 575 motherboard work in this CC because I didnt want to tamper with the hardware (I had backup of these files to make it work again now). The 575- motherboard on the other hand, posibly led a harsher former life in America. I will check the edge-connectors tomorrow. I was thinking I might also have a closer look around the soundchip, reseat the video-ram and try to figure out witch chip
  12. HI! I’m new here! Well, I might have been a member 20-16 years ago - that was when I collected and played with old Macs. But as always wife, kids, work, life and divorce got in the way. After cleaning the attic I found most of the old toys I had forgotten about. There among two Colour Classics. One is (was) pristine and in almost original condition, and one heavily modified. After some work - primarily changing or kicking life into the old hard drives, I got them both up and running. "The good one" had a Mystic motherboard, shipped from the USA 17 years ago and use modified system 7.
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