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  1. I was a die hard fan on the se/30 - perfect size and form, easy to get into and work on. Expanded mine with everything from networking to an accelerator and a graphics card, however - it lost its compact sense in a way. The CCII is a tradeoff between it's compactness and power. At this point, the CCII is just as fast and offers the exact same thing a SE/30 + 40Mhz 030 accelerator + graphics card + external screen does in less desk space, while only loosing external floppy drive support (and some minuses on ease-of-access to the floppy drive and HDD - you have to remove the analog board and sh
  2. The logic board is now fully recapped and the baby performs nicely, with the buzzing sound being gone now after the recap! Graphic performance seems to be 2X of my 40Mhz's SE/30 and wolfenstein is a ton more smoother on it than on my external graphics card for the se/30.
  3. As far as software goes, on my se/30 I daily use the following: Think-C 7 for programming Photoshop 3, design and art for my games Excel 4.0 IRCle MacSSH Netscape 2.0 (and rarely icab) Quicktime Movie player 2 with QuickTime 4 extension for listening to music and watching videos StuffIt Expander/DropStuff and DiskCopy for mounting images and extracting them (new software install). As for games, I started keeping track of games that run on a Compact Mac screen resolution. By no means complete, but it's growing nicely. Once I get my CCII
  4. 6.5" (1.97m)! We're all really tall bastards that use compact macs, aren't we?
  5. Not sure if you can fit a color classic + keyboard on that one but I'd like it as my retro Mac desk in a tiny tiny office. It even has place to put all my boxed games!
  6. Color Classic II arrived. A corner bit of plastic broke in shipping and that bit that broke off broke into a gazillion piece. Can't even puzzle it back together. Other than this, the Logic Board needs recapping and the speaker produces an extremely loud high pitch noise. I validated that it's the speaker by plugging an external one into audio out and the noise is generated on the external speaker. Floppy drive ejects and injects fine but doesn't read any floppy disk and makes a weird ticking noise. Broken corner aside it works and looks really well. It's on par my with
  7. Customs payment has been performed (I ended up paying just VAT) on it, due to Romania having a trade deal with Japan and I don't have to pay other taxes on it. Aka bring on the buyee buying spree now that I know this :D. From tracking, it seems it already reached hungary aftering visiting Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Belgium and France. Next travel it will bring it to Bucharest and my apartment. This weekend can't pass fast enough
  8. After some back and forth with buyee employs about shipping option, the package is now ready to ship via fedex with a 1 week estimation. I went for protective packaging to make sure it arrives okay and woo! Now to kill time for a week before I get it by making a list of games that run in the compact mac resolution. Cannot wait for it to get here!
  9. It's a great idea to be honest that takes advantage of the compact's form factor. However it would last less than 10 minutes in my household due to my loving cats jumping and tilting it to the ground. Still, looking forward to the next iterations, you're onto something here. I for one would buy a desk/stand/pedestal designed specifically for our beloved compacts
  10. @Nathan_A payback time here: https://buyee.jp/item/yahoo/auction/t803429738
  11. Uff, I need to spend more time on buyee then. I literary just joined for the CCII after @joshc win for a "junk" one. Hopefully I won't block your bids from now on, but seeing as I'mma upgrade form my SE/30 to a CCII, I'll probably just look for CCII accessories or LC PDS things. I'm also incredibly surprised by the things I saw casually browsing it and at what prices (even with import tax and shipping still a ton bellow ebay prices).
  12. The condition of those monitors is pretty good! Well done
  13. Haha, to be fair, up till the last hour my bid was around 100$ and it didn't seem like it was going to pass it. By pure luck I had a meeting postponed and I could follow the auction and saw the pace it was increasing at. I was playing with my snipe bid up until the last 5 minutes to stay on top of it and if the price went up higher even by a few $ it would have been just out of my budget considering transport + taxes. These buyee auctions really are something xD. Tell you what, if I ever upgrade from it I'll put you first on the list to get it. I did the same with @mg.man and a memory exp
  14. Got it, then I'mma get both of them recapped as a first priority. The PRAM battery IIRC is like a regular se/30's one and I have brand new ones prepared to replace them. The only thing left is the voltage? I wonder if I need a convertor to use Japan voltages in EU or if the CCII works at an EU voltage.
  15. Is the case more brittle than a CCI's plastics? I do hope the seller can ship it properly to the buyee warehouse. From there I can pay extra for really really good packaging and go for air mail to ensure as little time as possible in shipment. Coming from you I feel even more excited about this now :D! Edit: for the analogue board, would I need to have that one recapped too?
  16. I managed to win a Buyee Auction for a Color Classic II after a what seemed like an enormous amount of time in which I spammed the 68KMLA irc channel (and @joshc for that matter)! Ended up costing me 353$ to purchase it + buyee fee. Now I have to wait for it to reach their warehouse and see how much shipping and taxes will be to get it into the country (expecting to drop about 200$ more for all of it). So the end price is around 550$, give or take. But I am incredibly happy that I managed to win it! In theory it's just as powerful as my SE/30 (with a accelerator from Bolle + a rad
  17. Can you take a picture of the front of the CD Player (and the back if possible)? I'm curious now. Cannot find any images of it, just of speakers.
  18. Have you tried connecting a regular speaker via the audio jack? Just to see if that works?
  19. I'm in the process of upgrading my store and blog to work with Netscape and 68K macs so people can download my games directly from it. You need to have javascript disabled but works. Kinda looks like this:
  20. Did a quick test print using a DS Case template scaled to the size of the cases and it's pretty cute. With higher quality paper it might just work to do small batches myself. Would also keep the cost for a physical product quite low (and I can get even better prices if I order say 25-50 at a time).
  21. The cases are here and they are barely big enough to fit a floppy disk and USB stick IF I remove the plastic holders normally used to hold a booklet in. I'll have to shop around to see if I can find any better cases [bigger, with more interior space] but if not, it could be a way to go.
  22. I probably need a max of 100 of them to be fair and it should be available from different mediums like eBay and even local sellers in here. At worst, I can do part of them 800K disks and 1.44Mb ones are abundant enough. The game also being available, in the case, on an USB stick can ease some of the pain for people who can't read 800K disks if they have access to a FloppyEMU or SCSI2SD.
  23. E-mail works and can be actively used, sadly not gmail as it requires HTTPS by default. However, I have it working via a combination of MailDrop (client) + Mail Baton (acts as a local SMTP redirection server) since a lot of early mail clients defaulted to a single SMTP port. But let me repeat, SSL only mail services will not work unless you setup a proxy locally which, from all my attempts so far, I never managed to achieve. You can get around this by getting a custom domain and host from a service that offers e-mail and SSL-less ways of connecting to it (eg. namecheap). You can th
  24. I think I found a way to keep manufacturing cheap and be able to handle it in-house. I ordered a few different transparent plastic USB holders. They look and have the same dimensions as a Nintendo DS plastic box for cartridges: The idea is that I can fit a Floppy Disk where the manual is (with a paper insert and quick start guide to envelop the floppy disk) and a tiny usb stick (256 mb) with the game logo on it, containing the game's source code, manual and modern platform ports + a sit archive of the game. The boxes seem to be cheap, 1.3$ and I can maybe get the price lower
  25. Not yet, there is support for consumable projectiles but I'm not sure how I will handle this yet. The original plan is to have character creation be made out of limited equipment slots and by selecting it at the start of the game. Imagine the player as a character that enters the tower on a quest to become a champion he comes packing armed to the teeth. Once inside he can't pickup new weapon types, but instead he can alter and transform them as he ranks up as a champion (eg: with a blessing of corruption, the iron sword becomes a Flesh Sword of Corruption). Now my original plan is
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