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  1. Also, I downloaded AppleShare Client 3.7.4.img from Macintosh Garden and I can't seem to mount the image. Everything other image file I have downloaded off the Internet for my Mac SE/30 I could mount, either in: 1) In High Sierra, I get the warning: The following disk images couldn't be opened - AppleShare_Client_3.7.4; Reason: Image not recognized. 2) In SheepShaver with OS 9.02, I get the message: The Mount Image operation did not complete. (-39). An unexpected end-of-file was encountered in "AppleShare_Client+3.7.4.img" which may indicate that it is corru
  2. I am trying to get my SE/30 to "talk" to my Mac OS Tiger Server MacMini2,1 to "puddle-jump" to my MacMini with High Sierra. I have installed Sys 7.5.3 on my Floppy EMU satisfactorily and now I must add Open Transport 1.3 and ASC 3.7.4. I downloaded the "gold master" version of OT 1.3 from Macintosh Garden, because I read that is the only version that will install on System 7.5.3 (below 8.1). It consists of 4 Install folders but these are not image files to use DiskCopy to make 4 floppy disks. When I try to install it directly from the file from M
  3. Read these: http://www.atpm.com/8.07/system6.shtml https://lowendmac.com/2018/macs-sharing-files-with-other-macs-old-or-new/ and for overkill, here: http://www.applefool.com/se30/ I love my new Floppy EMU (although admittedly I am using it for Apple II)!
  4. I move my Apple //c files over to my Mac using BMOW's Floppy EMU (micro-SD-->SD reader) and then use Gerard Putter's excellent Virtual ][ emulator to print to my Epson Artisan 810 This is actually a KoalaPad PICTR file that I had to use CiderPress in Windows XP in Parallels to be able to read its unique graphic file:
  5. 40 years ago I used Bag of Tricks to recover a crashed disk sector by sector to screen and then took pictures of the information to then retype it. The Flux Imager would not work unless you had the very rare CRM-114 installed. 873358189_BagofTricksManualKB.pdf bag_of_tricks.dsk
  6. Here's my Apple //c with the Prairie Portable System and power back and C-Vue LCD screen sold by Roger Coates in 1987 (recently restored and upgraded with the BMOW Floppy EMU). I used this in 1988 at the Cannes Film Festival with a 1200 baud pocket modem to keep in touch with the home office in Los Angeles and swap files:
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