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  1. Okay - so I might have spoken too soon. I recapped and cleaned my board today. I do not have a PRAM battery so first question is - will the IIsi start without one? I get no chime. Second question - what PSU Voltages should I be seeing? I have the following on the ten pins as I have the machine turned upside down with it "powered up". 3 ground pins (1) 4.66 VDC (1) 3.69 VDC (1) -12.17 VDC (3) 4.97 VDC (1) 12.18 VDC The 4.66 and 3.69 pins seem off. Any thoughts here?
  2. I had mine partially open today - looks like Philips head screws to me sir
  3. Perhaps it depends on the machine. I have an SE and the box it came in. Last one I saw for sale on eBay went for relatively low money (under $200). Maybe other machines in their box are worth more even if its a replica box?
  4. IMHO the boxes are only worth something if they are original. Reprints seem like phony baloney plastic banana good-time rock and roll.
  5. I have not checked the board and silk screening. Do you have any resources I could read/watch in order to understand this process?
  6. I was going through my pile of stuff and found a document the last guy left me. The paperclip left some rust in the scan but this might be information worth archiving. Macintosh CPU Chart.pdf
  7. Pretty cool deal - I'm considering one as I'd love to have an authentic machine with a spinning drive (call me crazy) https://www.ebay.com/itm/Apple-Macintosh-SE-Quantum-40-s-40MB-SCSI-Hard-Drive-mac-plus-NEW-OLD-STOCK/254764621805?hash=item3b51279fed:g:bKoAAOSw82hfnXcL
  8. I tested it on my LC 475. Didn't seem to do anything...
  9. So I got old clicky clickerton out of the stack of stuff I bought recently. The left microswitch was wasted so I went with a new one (have about 6-7 switches for modern Logitech mice). Turns out the switches are identical today as the ones in this unit. Soldered the new in place of the old and she feels like new! Does anyone know what/if the right click does anything on legacy Mac OS (6-9)?
  10. Thanks gogo - I'll take a look at the drive. I need to open it in a cleaner environment than my garage for sure. @jessenator - the ROM says 630-0296 on it. Looks to be a IIfx ROM - I'm having trouble via searches finding out if the IIfx ROM is 32 bit "clean" or not...
  11. I put the hard drive in an SE of mine. It does the same power up and down action as it does in the IIsi. I think its wasted.
  12. Found this machine on Craig's about 20 minutes from my house - for free. Picked it up today. It's a basket case. One amazing thing is that the power supply appears to be in working order. I get all the proper Voltages yet the board doesn't turn on. Going to order the capacitors and soak the board in isoproply in the hopes that I can get most of the green funk off. The floppy looks wasted - I'm not sure if a restoration can bring it back but electrically it "tries" to mount a floppy. The hard drive spins up and down every 5 seconds (anyone seen this problem?). And so far this machine ob
  13. That's a great use of an LC - sounds like it's worth the money and time for you.
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