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  1. Hi All, I'm trying to repair another Macintosh Portable. Non backlit version. I've done the recap, there were a couple of lifted pads that I think I've properly bodged using the Schematic that TechKnight and others have pointed too in previous posts. Here's a video of what the computer is doing... https://drive.google.com/file/d/1xHyM52mSeDQvC__K5vl5rsOiGnJZdsC_/view?usp=sharing To summarize, the first time power is applied (Using a full battery in the case), Press RESET and NMI at the same time, press a key on the keyboard to power on, the screen flashes br
  2. Sorry for the late reply here, I haven't checked in on this thread in too long. Yes, your image shows exactly where mine was open. Looks like we have two different issues going in this thread, with Alaska360 and ScutBoy having a bad speaker, and glay78 and I with that open trace.
  3. Thanks Techknight, my "new to me" non-backlit portable was doing the same thing. Using your instructions and the clarifications from ScutBoy, I was able to locate the problem on my board and repair it. Mine was open between the positive side of C9 and the Sound Output from U15B (Sound Left, Pin 11).
  4. I've got a new to me Power Macintosh 6100 that came with the DOS Compatibility card (Houdini II), but no cables for attaching it. I've already started designing an adapter board to replace the difficult to find and expensive Apple Part Number 590-2014 splitter cable based on the pinout online here. Before I go to the trouble, I thought I'd ask the good people here on 68kMLA if there's anything out there for the DOS Compatibility card like this? Has this already been done? Would having this design help anyone else?
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