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  1. It just finished running disk first aid and found a BTree issue. I told it to resolve the issue, so I'll see if that changes anything .
  2. So about a day or two ago I tried installing KidPix deluxe on my iMac. I got the error 39, and thought that maybe it was because the program was on its original CD. After that I downloaded some .SIT files and unstuffed them on the iMac. When I tried to do the installs I got the same error. I've had this computer for around 2 years and have never had an issue installing things. The iMac is dual booting Mac OS 9.22 and OS X Tiger. I haven't tried the installs in Tiger as the ones I want are only Mac OS 8 or 9 compatible. I'm currently running disk first aid in case hard drive is going bad.
  3. Sorry for the really late reply, but it worked great!
  4. Sorry, this is probably a dumb question, but I can't really get any files onto my Macintosh Classic via floppy disk. I have got ZTerm on it by expanding the StuffIt on my iMac G3 running OS 9, then formatting a floppy to Macintosh format. However I cannot figure out how to get .img files onto the Mac. I took the image and put it into Balena etcher (the same way I made the boot floppy) and flashed it to the disk (after I formatted the disk on the G3) I was trying to get AfterDark 1.0 on it, and yes maybe I shouldn't put more screensavers on it, as when I got the computer Pyro was causing issues
  5. Yep, boots fine without the RAM expansion card installed.
  6. Maybe. I got continuity from each pin on the serial cable to the board, but maybe it to be a more complex logic board issue.
  7. After watching some videos, I noticed that the Mac doesn't even give an error message when the printer doesn't print/ communication issue. I also noticed that most of the models have 'ImageWriter' text on the top of the printer and mine says nothing beside the Apple logo. I doubt that this means anything functionality-wise, but I though maybe these models work somewhat differently? (It sure is yellow, and definitely needs a retrobrite like the Mac.)
  8. No, this is my first 68k Mac. I do have some newer Macs like the iMac G3 and G4, but they don't have the serial connector. I also don't have any other cables, but it seemed fine from my testing with a multimeter.
  9. So, now I checked the continuity to the printer port connection on the logic board of the Mac. Everything here seems fine.
  10. I now took the top off of the printer, and measured the continuity to where the cable connects to the logic board. With every cable, except the disconnected one having continuity, that rules out the cable for not reaching all the way in the port. I also watched this video: But he didn't really seem sure of what he was doing until the printer was working. I don't really know what the problem could be now? Perhaps a bad connection on the Mac? Thanks, Dylan
  11. Now, how do you type into ZTerm? It brings up a terminal, but when I type on the keyboard nothing happens. And by nothing happens, I mean that nothing shows up onscreen/ in the terminal or prints out. I did end up getting the port set to the printer port though.
  12. I got ZTerm, but I can't find an option to change the ports and select the printer port. I also cannot find the place to change the baud rate. The version that I have is v1.0.1 Edit: I found how to change the port.
  13. Well, when I checked the manual what I uploaded seemed to match with 9600 baud. I will try that program and see if it works to print. Thanks for the info!
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