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  1. Remember I built one of these myself without any circuit board and before I found this thread, I'm quite comfortable figuring out any issues that come up. Put me down for at least three boards, please.
  2. Sweet! Is this considered "ready to go" and should I order some boards from your plans or are you going to do another rev or two before you call it finished?
  3. It may not even be a matter of current. I noticed while poking around with my SE/30 that there appears to be a Schottky diode drop on the SCSI termination power rail, resulting in a voltage of about 4.6V iirc. This makes sense, as you don't want another device on the SCSI chain also providing term power (like my CD-ROM does) "fighting" with the power supply. This might just be marginal enough even with the low dropout of the regulator on the Blue Pill that the processor isn't getting enough voltage. And I imagine some Blue Pills have better LDOs than others, considering everybody makes them.
  4. I didn't make a PCB. I soldered 25 wires from one DB-25 connector to the next one, then soldered a second set of wires to the Blue Pill. For an SD card adapter I just bought the cheapest breakout board my local electronics store had. When I don't have any other devices on the SCSI bus and I plug it directly into the back of the Mac without a cable, the wires are short enough that it actually doesn't need any termination at all. And as you say, when it's in a chain, I terminate the last device.
  5. I didn't even mean to install that, it just happened to be the first copy of System 7.1.1 that I downloaded (and I needed 7.1.1 because it was the lowest OS that Stuffit 5.5 would run under). Now that I have it though I might set up the groupware on my LocalTalk network just for fun.
  6. Wow, this is so cool to see this being worked on! I have to say this is really timely for me, as I just got the original ztto version working on my SE/30 and my Classic II yesterday! I wanted an external version with SCSI passthrough, so I wired it by hand inside a project box instead of buying one of the PCBs. I'm looking forward to buying some finished PCBs for internal installations! (I really should have taken some pictures of the inside but I was eager to get it working!)
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