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  1. Also, I just had a thought that a sticker to put on the front of the SE to say it has a reloaded board would be awesome. What you guys think ?
  2. That's really awesome @Kai Robinson ! Congrats man ! Too bad I couldn't help figuring out the issue as my PCB hasn't arrived yet… But you can definitely sign me in for the next batch !
  3. I think there's a mistake in the Bomarc SE schematics. Pin 2 & 4 of the SND chip are respectively linked to pin 4 & 2 of the VIA chip in the Bomarc schematics but I found out they aren't swapped and pin 2 of the SND chip goes to pin 2 of the VIA chip and same for pin 4. Hope it is useful for those checking @Kai Robinson's board using the schematics.
  4. Awesome ! Where did you find that ? So, in theory, verifying the components one by one using the Bomarc schematics would be enough to find the issues with your board, right ? If you can forward me a board, that's definitely something I can do !
  5. I'm fine, thanks ! I hope everyone's fine as well. Unfortunately, those are the only schematics they chose to include. I would have loved more of them as well. Here they are in 600ppi @quorten. SE Schematics.pdf
  6. Here is a scan of some technical data I've got. It is a low-quality PDF to reduce upload time but I can send the 600ppi version if needed. Those are pages taken out of a Macintosh SE Apple Service binder I have. They are in French but nothing too complicated I hope. Have you guys ever heard about the AppleCAT ? Those are similar to the TechStep and help you test a Macintosh with another one or run self-tests as well if the machine's working. I own two so I can have a go at testing a board with it if it can help. SE Technical data.pdf
  7. Hey guys ! I wanted to thank everyone of you who contribute to this project. I have been following it since the beginning and wanted to say a little something. I have no real diagnosing skills but I know how to solder quite well and have lots of compact Macintosh (I have something like 50+ Macintosh) so that may be useful, who knows. Also, I'm from the North of France so not so far away from you @Kai Robinson. I was wondering, has anyone thought about reproducing the strengthening bar ? This is quite important as well I think. Maybe would you have some leads on
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