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  1. Hi, am starting with II vx renovation. I have one problem for now How to open this PSU? Do have any idea how to do it? Greetings
  2. Next Mac is alive I did a motherboard iso bath and recap. Mac is backed to live next thing will second iso bath and PSU recap.
  3. hi, I'm starting a Macintosh renovation. on pin 15 of the u7 chip, the voltage is once and once not. I checked on a working performe and I had over 3v there. in LC the voltage oscillated around 2.7V if it appeared. disassembled capacitors. as you can see in the photos they poured out, luckily the pads are intact. a strange raid is on the ROM dice.
  4. Hello, I checked PSU model this is: ASTEC Model number: A A 16870 Apple Part Number: 614-0009 I am looking for schematics, capacitors list, informations how to turn it on without on/off switch. Can You help me with that?
  5. Hello, 4th Mac has just arrived. It is a Macintosh IIvx. Computer is looking good, but I found one terrible thing - a liking battery. No one changed It from ... 1992 y. I decided to clean battery socket and everything aroud It before I will try to turn on the computer. I have one question. Can I turn It on without a battery? tomorrow i will put some photos od the computer. greetings Daniel
  6. You've right. shipment should arrived on friday on monday. Then I will be able to check PSU model.
  7. Hi, in a few days Macintosh IIvx will arrive. I am looking for informations which capacitors I will need for recap motherboard and PSU but I did not find any informations about this model. Can I ask You for help with it? Computer should be in a working condition but probably never have been recapped. Thanks a lot. Greeting Daniel
  8. Yes, this is my next project machine. I bringed to life my LC I. I hope LCIII will be next
  9. This is a new project Maybe next Mac will have a new life WhereI should take a GND for Pin 15 measuring?
  10. The return is rather unpayable, because a foreign shipment is half of the value of this computer. it wants to bring it back to life. I talk to the seller about some compensation. I have repaired my LC I, I think that with the help of the forum people I will manage the repair. Because I still have to wait for the delivery of condensers for replacement anyway, I think if I really don't drip the headboard in isopropyl alcohol and clean it. I did not notice any damage or suspicious solder, nothing is broken or destroyed. One thing that draws my attention is the suspicious raid on the capa
  11. Yes, the seller arranged courier. I am thinking about it. Iva written the seller about the situation. He only answered that hi is surprised and have a hope that I will find solution to run Mac correctly .... I bought two Mac from one seller. both should be in a working condition. Performa works perfectly, LC III not.
  12. Hello it was the first thing I thought of to do. I bought caps for recap but I will have to wait a few days for them. Hi, thank you so much for informations I bought this LC as working. Seller sent me photos with working computer. I ve written him about the situation and he answered that hi has chcecked computer before hi put for sell. The seller claims that the machine was operational before shipment. Maybe something was damaged during the transport. PSU was checked under the load. Ive connected the preforma board and run some benchmarks and tests. PSU
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