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  1. My PowerMac G4 (Sawtooth) has two Adaptec SCSI cards in it. A AHA-2930CU MAC and a AVA-2906. The AVA-2906 card has a DB-25 connector on it. I was wondering, is there a way to make the PowerMac G4 act as a hard drive for my Macintosh Plus? Also, could I connect the two computers together via SCSI and do something with this connection? I'm guessing the answer is no for both, but I know nothing about SCSI so I wanted to ask.
  2. I have an opportunity to get an ImageWriter II and I have a few questions about it. Would I be able to connect it to my Macintosh Plus or PowerBook 1400cs with my PhoneNet adaptors? Can I use normal printer paper with it? I don't own tractor feed paper.
  3. I have some games that I would like to extract the app icon from. How can I do this? Can it be done with Resedit? If so, how?
  4. Is it possible to modify the OS X boot screen that is present in 10.4 Tiger and earlier? I'm talking about the one after the grey apple screen, with the apple logo and "Mac OS X" text and the progress bar. This screen. I found this old hint from 2001, but the mentioned BootPanel.pdf file doesn't seem to be present in Tiger. Anyone know if it's possible to change the "Mac OS X" text and maybe the Apple logo? I'm specifically looking to do this on Tiger.
  5. I think I am going to contact the seller, explain the situation and see what happens. The auction states that they don't accept returns, but I'll try. If i'm stuck with it, I'd like to fix it as a summer project, I don't have the time to devote to it now. I fixed my Macintosh Plus back in the Summer of 2014 (touched up solder joints on the Analog board), so I'm sure I could fix this external drive as well. EDIT: I got the external drive working! After playing with the emergency eject hole and ejecting from the OS, it miraculously starting working, electronic eject and all. Very happy.
  6. I purchased a M0131 800K external floppy drive from ebay and received it today. In the auction description it states that the drive reads and writes fine, but that the electronic eject mechanism is not functioning. Now that I have it, it seems like the whole mechanism is stuck down like there is a disc inserted, but there isn't, as far as I can tell. I hooked it up to my Macintosh Plus, and booted it up with a disk in it's drive, not the external drive. The Macintosh Plus seems to think there is a disk in the drive, because I get a "Disk is unreadable by this computer" message. I can't even g
  7. I seemed to have fixed the problem. I updated from 9.2.1 to 9.2.2 with the all of the ATI extensions turned off. After successfully upgrading to 9.2.2, I re-enabled all of the ATI extensions (with the exception of the Rage 128 accelerator) and it now boots to the desktop without freezing.
  8. I seemed to have fixed the problem. I updated from 9.2.1 to 9.2.2 with the all of the ATI extensions turned off. After successfully upgrading to 9.2.2, I re-enabled all of the ATI extensions (with the exception of the Rage 128 accelerator) and it now boots to the desktop without freezing. Should I update the drivers anyway?
  9. I didn't, but I don't see any mention of the Radeon 7500 on that page. Will the Radeon 7000 driver work?
  10. My G4 Sawtooth came with an ATI Radeon 7500 in it. After updating to 9.2.1 from 9.1, the machine freezes at the desktop unless I disable all ATI extensions. I need those extensions since I have an ATI Radeon 7500. I went looking for a driver for this card, but I can't seem to find one anywhere. This make no mention of supporting the Radeon 7500, only the Radeon 7000, and those are the last mac drives ATI released. How can I get my ATI Radeon 7500 working under Mac OS 9.2.x?
  11. Sorry to revive this old topic, but I finally found my original Mac OS 9.0 CD and did a clean install of Mac OS 9 on the the G4 Sawtooth. Updated it from 9.0 to 9.0.4 no problem, then from 9.0.4 to 9.1, also without issue. But as soon as I updated from 9.1 to 9.2.1, the freeze problem returned. I went and disabled all of the ATI extensions, and the machine boots into OS 9.2.1 without freezing. However, this doesn't resolve the problem as I need those ATI Extensions since the machine has an ATI Radeon 7500. What should I do now?
  12. I removed all but one of the original RAM sticks (the 256MB PC133 stick in the 1st slot) and it finally displayed video and booted up. It would seem that one of the original sticks or one of the slots are bad. However, prior to removing them the first time, all the slots were occupied and all of the sticks in each slot were recognized. I wasn't able to reseat the video card or remove the PCI cards because the screws won't budge, a problem I have all the time. Attempting to reset the PRAM didn't seem to work, even though I was using an Apple USB keyboard.
  13. I wasn't aware there was such a button. Are you talking about the button circled in the Power Mac G4 (AGP edition) picture on this Apple support page? I'll try reseating the video card and zapping the PRAM as you suggested and see if that helps.
  14. I have a lot of PC133 RAM laying around from various PCs I've parted out. I thought I would use it to bring my Power Mac G4 Sawtooth up to 1GB from 640MB. So, I put the RAM in, hooked it back up and turned it on...but it made a horrible staticy sound instead of the startup chime and it never displayed anything on the monitor. So I reseated all the RAM sticks and the start up chime was normal, but it still didn't display anything on the monitor. So I put the original RAM sticks back in, and it again chimes like normal, but it still isn't displaying anything on the monitor. I hope I didn't kill
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