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  1. Just thought I should drop by this thread and mention the daynaport emulation now works under MacTCP on 68000 macs! Finally a cheap solution to getting any 68k mac online!
  2. Just thought I would give a bit of an update - it works under system 7 now! I also decided to test it under my Macintosh Classic with MacTCP and I am very happy to report that it works on 68000 macs!
  3. Ah thank you! I'll give it a try
  4. Hey! Sorry for the late reply, I’ve tried it with my SE/30 and classic ii under 7.1 to no avail. I’ve had no luck under system 7 at all! (it works with my quadra 700, LC 475 and SE/30 under 8.1 just fine!)
  5. Hi all, I've been attempting networking using the rascsi Dayna Port SCSI emulation as mentioned here: https://github.com/akuker/RASCSI/wiki/Dayna-Port-SCSI-Link Unfortunately under system 7 (from 7.1 to 7.6) I haven't had any success with getting it to work, even with Open Transport 1.3 installed. However, it works absolutely fine under Mac OS 8? I'm just wondering if anyone has had any success with getting the SCSI to ethernet emulation working under system 7, or even with using MacTCP instead of Open Transport?
  6. If the case of the resistor isn't affected, then it should be fine. If you're worried you can test it with a multimeter to make sure it still acts like a resistor.
  7. As per the title, I was just wondering if anyone - hopefully UK based! - Has a spare rear case for a 512k? I've looked for quite a while on the usual places but they haven't really came up at all. Hope someone can help!
  8. Yep! A very similar solution, but I'm using a 2gb SCSI2SD for storage, so I just have to worry about the 4mb ram limit! I've also found for some reason soundedit 1.1 doesn't like to run on system 6.0.8 as it keeps running into errors, but system 6.0.3 works fine! And obviously system 7 just takes up too much resources...
  9. Holy moly it worked! Turned the sampling down to 11khz, converted it to mono, booted my macintosh classic off the system 6 ROM disk and with SoundEdit 1.1 I got music! Incredibly tinny and crunchy music, but music nevertheless! Should work on my plus as well!
  10. I'll try that! I imagine you mean running SoundEdit 1.1 on the 68000, and SoundEdit 16 to downsample the AIFF files on a more powerful Macintosh (like my powerbook G3)?
  11. I suppose a lot of people have asked this, but I've never found something that works properly. Does anyone know of a method of playing common -ish sound files (midi, mod or perhaps even wav files, but not something like converting them to system 7 sounds) on a 68000 compact mac? The closest I've gotten is running .mod files on my Powerbook 100 (a 68000 running at 16mhz) with Macintosh Tracker 1.2, but trying the exact same program and files on my Classic results in... silence. I don't expect CD quality audio, just a few bleeps and bloops! (also Concertware
  12. Hang on I think I just found suitable replacements Does this look right? https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/Bourns/4608X-104-221-331LF?qs=zRaq9JBfD9%2B12SkSx27ilw%3D%3D
  13. Just checked, pin ones goes to ground on all three of the packs, and pin 8 goes to termpower
  14. Yep it needs three resistor packs. so they are literally just SIL resistor packs?
  15. I've recently acquired a pair of 1gb scsi drives which work absolutely fine... so long as the system has an external scsi terminator installed. As it turns out they are both missing the resistor termination packs, which I only now realise are a bit more complex than a SIL resistor pack. Does anyone know where I could possibly find replacements or a suitable alternative?
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