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  1. Hang on I think I just found suitable replacements Does this look right? https://www.mouser.co.uk/ProductDetail/Bourns/4608X-104-221-331LF?qs=zRaq9JBfD9%2B12SkSx27ilw%3D%3D
  2. Just checked, pin ones goes to ground on all three of the packs, and pin 8 goes to termpower
  3. Yep it needs three resistor packs. so they are literally just SIL resistor packs?
  4. I've recently acquired a pair of 1gb scsi drives which work absolutely fine... so long as the system has an external scsi terminator installed. As it turns out they are both missing the resistor termination packs, which I only now realise are a bit more complex than a SIL resistor pack. Does anyone know where I could possibly find replacements or a suitable alternative?
  5. Oops, C22! I need to find out what C22 is, not C20!
  6. Oh just to clarify I mean C5 and C20 on the logic board. I'm baffled why someone would of removed them!
  7. Bit of an odd one this. I was sent a 512k which was a little bit... erratic. Sometimes it will bong and flash the floppy icon, other times it will just get stuck on a corrupted screen. Thinking it was a RAM issue I took the logic board and found out that for some reason someone had removed C5 and C20 at some point (?!). I know there may be ram issues or potentially issues with the roms, but I just need to find the values for those two capacitors to rule that out as an issue! Hope you can help
  8. Ahhh right, currently it also has 7.6.1 on the hard drive
  9. Well 7.5 is fully supported by the Classic II, whilst 8 isn't officially supported on any Black and White compact. Heh a Mac Plus with 4mb of ram can technically run 7.5 , 8 is an entirely different beast! Also I'm using a completely minimal install of 8, so honestly I'm not sure what else I can remove!
  10. I'm actually amazed this worked, but I managed to get Mac OS 8 running on my Classic II! (Ok strictly speaking it is a Performa 200, but come on they are literally identical). How did I manage this? Well I realised that the Classic II actually has a 32 bit clean rom, so really it should be able to boot Mac OS 8 in a similar process to how SE/30s can run 8 with a clean ROM. The only issue is the installer needs 12mb, whilst the Classic II tops out at 10mb. However, in normal operation a basic Mac OS 8 install only uses ~6mb of ram. Therefore I only needed to follow this
  11. As per the title, I just picked up a faulty external 400k floppy drive that was being detected but ultimately wasn't reading or writing disks. After I opened the drive I noticed the fault - the small felt pressure pad was missing, meaning the disk isn't making good contact with the head. I know there is a replacement on ebay, but after shipping and import tax is taken into consideration it would cost about £40 just for a piece of felt. Does anyone know where I could find one or if there is an alternative?
  12. It didn't have those resistor packs, but it was placed before the original boot drive (which does terminate itself)
  13. Original drive - white screen, doesnt attempt to boot It will not boot from anything unless the internal hard drive is disconnected. So it will boot from the CD drive when the internal drive has been taken out. It will not boot from the CD (or anything else) with the internal drive present
  14. I swear I end up with the strangest issues. Recently I tried to swap the 500mb hard drive with a larger 30gb 80 pin drive with an adapter. I *think* I may of had them set to the same scsi address, but I'm not sure. Bottom line is that the 6100 will chime, display a white screen and cursor, but it will not attempt to boot from anything. Internal hard drive, floppy drive, external CD drive. In fact it won't even eject a floppy. However it will boot when the internal hard drives are completely disconnected. The strangest part is that it can even boot from an external CD dr
  15. Sorry! Yes I am talking about the icebook As far as I can tell I don’t think it has been opened before. I might take the hard drive out and replace it with a known working one as well as giving the cable a bit more of an inspection
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