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  1. I totally forgot about this too. I'll add these details to the wiki re: mounting ISO images w/ RaSCSI.
  2. I saw this myself. Will be testing more soon, and will hopefully have an answer.
  3. Thanks again. Was this the error you saw?
  4. Thanks for checking. I'll do some testing and try to recreate. How big was the ISO image in MB?
  5. Just to confirm, has the upload_max_filesize setting in /etc/php/7.3/apache2/php.ini been changed? The default is 2M, but the wiki talks about bumping it to 1200M. If that setting has been changed, is the CF card out of space? You can check free space with ... df -h but I suspect free space is not an issue on a new installation.
  6. Hey @quorten that's a really cool idea. If you want to help get that going, the github project accepts enhancement requests on the issues page. https://github.com/akuker/RASCSI/issues
  7. Hey @Torbar, I was thinking about your suggestion and didn't want it to go unnoticed. Looks like the SN7406D can sink 40mA, which is closer than the 245 only sinking 20mA, but still not within spec (48mA). Another issue is it provides six buffers/drivers versus the eight on the 74xx245 and 74LS641-1. So the pcb would require some rework, but still not meet the SCSI spec. But it is a good suggestion, and I have added it to the transceiver comparison page in the wiki.
  8. That's interesting. Thank you for clarifying.
  9. I'm still reading about this, and wondering if I'm mis-reading or misunderstanding something. I'll check the TERMPWR on my SE this weekend. If it's there, I should see 5v on pin 25. I've attached the NCR 5380 SCSI Interface Chip Design Manual for those interested, or you can find it online here. NCR_5380_SCSI_Interface_Chip_Design_Manual_May85.pdf
  10. I see the appeal to have it powered by the SCSI bus, but I don't see how it can be done practically. The Mac II, SE and Plus use an NCR 5380 SCSI controller. The controller outputs have a max voltage of 2.4v, and 48mA. In addition to the low numbers, the SE, Plus and II don't provide termination power. Even if there was a way to scavenge power from some of the other lines, The Pi Zero W needs at a minimum 80mA, and to get the power draw that low, you sacrifice a bunch of functionality. I think powering stuff via the SCSI ports would hinges on termination power being av
  11. Logo looks great. Added to wiki.
  12. This is done. README.md data is now moved and organized within the wiki. Much of it on the main page, which itself will need some tidying up. README.md has been updated, suggesting readers check out the wiki.
  13. Does anyone oppose or have thoughts on having the contents of readme.md merged into the wiki?
  14. I'm trying to clean up a few pages here and there. If anyone else wants to pitch in, it's much appreciated.
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