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  1. I was just wondering if Mac OS 8.6 could be installed on a Quicksilver. I know 8.6 can be installed on the earlier G4 Sawtooth model. Has anyone tried to install it on a Quicksilver? Thanks.
  2. Don't give up! I just installed the same OWC kit you have (120GB Mercury Pro SSD and Addonics adapter) in my Beige G3 minitower. The minitower boots up from the SSD without any problem, although it does take a while to start. Took me a while and with much help from Cory5412. The earlier problem you had with no video is not a video problem. It's with the IDE adapter. I had the same problem with the video until I changed the setting on the IDE adapter to slave. Not sure why it's got to be slave but that's how I got it to boot up. Here's what I did: 1. Replaced
  3. Success! The key was the zip drive. I put together a minimal 8.6 and copied it to a zip disk. I included the Drive Setup utility in the zip. There were a few hiccups along the way. At first the SSD prevented the zip from booting up. So I went and changed the jumper setting to slave and it worked! Very strange. The jumper setting on the old HDD was master. Once I was able to boot up from the zip drive, I was able to reformat the SSD with the Drive Setup and copied the minimal OS 8.6 onto the SSD. Then I selected the SSD as startup disk and restarted and it worked! The on
  4. Thanks for responding. I have a Quicksilver and formatted and partitioned the drive in OS X with the OS 9 drivers and copied the system folder into the first partition. Then I installed the drive in the G3. Could hear the chime but the video never started. Never saw the blinking floppy icon. When I put back the old HD, it worked perfectly. I then formatted an old 60 gig seagate HDD and copied over an OS 9.2.2 system folder and installed it in the G3. This time I got the blinking icon with the ?. The system folder showed the active system glyph when I copied it over so i
  5. I change the old IDE cable to a 80-wire cable but system still not booting up. I have a G3 beige mini tower. System runs well on 8.6 but the old 20 gb Maxtor HDD is on its last legs so I'm trying to install an OWC 120 GB SSD with the Addonics SATA/IDE adapter. I partitioned the 120 gb into three partitions, 7, 50, 60. I copied a working OS 8.6 to the first partition but the system won't boot. So I put back the old Maxtor and it boots ok with the new 80 wire cable. Deleted the 8.6 and installed a 9.2.2 on the first partition. Still no luck. Would sure appreciate your ins
  6. Thanks for sharing this info. Is there any specific reason for partitioning the drive 4g,4g,50g,60g? Thanks.
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