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  1. Seems like someone uploaded a newer version here: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/buffalo-g3-accelerator-upgrade-card-driver-hg4utility-ver140 Despite the Buffalo page saying the newer version wouldn't work with the G3, I gave it a go and it worked! All good
  2. Just a quick last bump in case anyone has come across this Thanks!
  3. Just revisiting this in case anyone has the same issue. It was the speaker that was the issue. @elemenoh Thank you! Getting the old speaker out was quite fun, but there were no metal rivets on mine, just some sticky pads (removed with IPA) and plastic rivets, which I could squeeze and pull the speaker free. I saw a random comment from Bruce of Branchus Creations on a Facebook group and he recommended the "Visaton 2899 K 50 - 50 Ohm Round Fullrange Speaker 5cm" which worked perfectly. It did need to be hot glued in as unfortunately it doesn't have the same mounts as the old speaker.
  4. Is there a jumper on the card? I seem to remember mine had one that needed to be set to use the additional SIMMs.
  5. Hi Cory, I was mistaken. If I boot with onboard video attached it boots ok, so I presume I can use both video cards.
  6. Looking good. Glad it's all good, didn't realise I was shipping to you Sadly, the 3400c I acquired with it in had a leaky PRAM battery and it's only semi-functional (keyboard, not all keys work - works fine with an ADB keyboard - keyboard replacement was no good either), so was glad to recoupe some of my loss Although I'll probably put that up on ebay at some point too. The 3400c is a really nice machine and yours is now one of the best!
  7. My Power Mac 7300 outputs garbage from it's onboard video when a PCI video card is used. The OS (I'm using OS 9.2) does default to the PCI card on boot.
  8. Hi there! I recently picked up a Buffalo G3 Accelerator Upgrade Card 500mhz for my PCI Power Mac 7300. Sadly, the disk for it was missing, so I don't have the drivers. The model is HG3-PM500slc and looks like it was only sold in Japan. After a bit of detective work, I found a download page for the driver on archive.org, but the download itself is missing https://web.archive.org/web/20051221184530/http://buffalo.melcoinc.co.jp/download/driver/cpu/hg4-pm.html#hg4u131 I had a look on the usual mac archive sites, but no luck and google returns
  9. No combination of jumpers I've used has worked to get the drive recognised on my Power Mac (using the 2nd SCSI Bus and a 68pin to 50pin adapter - I have two different adapters, no luck with either)
  10. I think that jumper is set (jumpers are just above the label in the photo) but no luck. I'll have a mess around with different settings. I know it came from a Power Mac, but nothing more than that unfortunately.
  11. I have 3 drives with 68pin SCSI connectors (one of them with Apple branding on) which I cannot get to work with my Power Mac (or any of my classic Mac's) using a 68pin to 50pin converter. I can't be sure 100% that the drives are working, but they do spin up and stay spun up. However, SCSIProde, Lido etc don't detect them on the bus. I even bought a 68pin cable with integrated terminator and used this with a drive and the converter, but no luck. Has anyone had any experience with this and can give me any pointers? The Apple drive has these jumpers:
  12. Also, leave it for at least a minute or so. They can be very slow to boot up sometimes (not sure why).
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