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  1. No combination of jumpers I've used has worked to get the drive recognised on my Power Mac (using the 2nd SCSI Bus and a 68pin to 50pin adapter - I have two different adapters, no luck with either)
  2. I think that jumper is set (jumpers are just above the label in the photo) but no luck. I'll have a mess around with different settings. I know it came from a Power Mac, but nothing more than that unfortunately.
  3. I have 3 drives with 68pin SCSI connectors (one of them with Apple branding on) which I cannot get to work with my Power Mac (or any of my classic Mac's) using a 68pin to 50pin converter. I can't be sure 100% that the drives are working, but they do spin up and stay spun up. However, SCSIProde, Lido etc don't detect them on the bus. I even bought a 68pin cable with integrated terminator and used this with a drive and the converter, but no luck. Has anyone had any experience with this and can give me any pointers? The Apple drive has these jumpers:
  4. Also, leave it for at least a minute or so. They can be very slow to boot up sometimes (not sure why).
  5. Try with the HDD and CD unplugged from the IDE bus AND power and press the CUDA reset. The IDE bus on mine is very dodgy and sometimes causes it to not boot. It doesn't need a battery on the motherboard to boot. Test the PSU to make sure it's outputting the right voltages. Again, I think the PSUs in these machines can be a bit weak, so removing the HDD and CD may help.
  6. @Paulie Ah, no worries. Sorry I literally chucked it on eBay last week as I needed the space back. It's still on there with a few days to go, but it's been bid on so I can't remove it. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apple-Power-Macintosh-8200-120-for-spares-repair-see-description/233854888067
  7. Thank you. Must be the RAM. I tried it on a 8550 motherboard I have (and in a Power Mac 8200) and it does the same.
  8. Is anyone running 128MB 5V DIMMs in their Power Mac? I've tried some in mine, but they don't work. 64MB and lower ones work fine. There is mixed info on the web, whether they can take 128MB or 64MB is the max.
  9. Sounds like you scored a great machine! Please let us know how you get on
  10. Ah yeah, by scrap, I mean move it on, not bin it I've spent hours trying different combos to try and get it to boot. I think the PSU is fine, but maybe I'll give it one more go and use a multimeter.
  11. I know this topic is a bit old now, but if you need a 8200 PSU @Paulie, I have a 8200 with no video output that you can have. The PSU seems fine.
  12. Tried with a new PRAM battery, but no luck. Doesn't look like it's actually booting either, so maybe I'll just scrap it and keep the bits for other projects.
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