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  1. You should be able to just put the correct details for your network into the TCP/IP control panel and then it should just work. I've found DHCP a bit flakey, so it's best to set up the details manually. I haven't tried this myself yet, but this looks promising for browsing modern sites on older machines: https://github.com/tenox7/wrp Obviously, the resolution will be a challenge, but using this proxy will at least offload SSL traffic which older CPUs really struggle with. On my Color Classic, I've used Fetch FTP client to pull files to the machine. It maxes out at
  2. I tried a load more disks and it seems I was just testing initially with a couple of dodgy disks. Both drives are working fine now, thanks to everyone who helped!
  3. Just to close this out, I got a 40Mhz one from a seller in the UK and it works perfectly. Seems there are lots of fakes from China on ebay. Seems mad considering how little they must make!
  4. I have two SE/30s and recently tried the floppy drive in one and found it throwing up the "This disk is unreadable" error, and then fails to initalise any disks I have. I took the drive out, re-greased the metal and cleaned the heads with IPA, but no luck. I then took the floppy from my other SE/30 and swapped it in. Still no luck, so I tried the "broken" drive in the other SE/30 and it works fine! They are both Sony 2MB drives (looks like one is Rev2 and the other Rev3). I have some Classic's as well. Any one know if their drives will work in an SE? I tried the SE driv
  5. This really is fantastic. I've done my own Mac Classic to iPad screen/Intel NUC conversion which I'll write up at some point but without all of your awesome attention to detail with the CRT glass, floppy SD (!) and original ports for the keyboard/mouse. Well done! The only issue I've found with mine (I used an iPad 3 screen/HDMI board with pixels doubled to give 1024x768) is that that resolution seems a bit high for the small size of the screen, especially as old Mac software isn't usually designed to run that high (and I can't run it at a lower res as I get a big borde
  6. I echo the above RealityStorm. A brilliant blog!
  7. I got one of these recently and it worked perfectly: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Apple-Macintosh-256KB-68-pin-VRAM-Video-Memory-SIMM-670-0269-LC-LCII-LCIII-80ns/121956009009?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  8. Please see attached. Sorry, my phone camera can't seem to focus on all three. The middle and right chips where from one seller, and the one of the left was from another.
  9. Thank you everyone. The 3rd chip came and didn't work either. I might give up, or look for a better source on eBay. Does adding an FPU to the Color Classic actually speed up much (JPG decoding in web browsers for instance)?
  10. Much appreciated, that's a great offer. I'll DM you if I decide it's worth it. I know it probably wouldn't help performance much, but thought I'd try it out of curiosity as it was only a few quid. I presume these chips are just taken from e-waste, seems unlikely they'd try and fake them at that price, but you never know
  11. I found the attached pic somewhere on the net and installed the chip in the same orientation. I can't be sure the chips are ok, but have no other way of testing them unfortunately. I have one more on it's way to test, so maybe third time lucky. The source is Chinese sellers on eBay selling them at around £2 each, so it may just be luck of the draw.
  12. I recently purchased a 16Mhz 68882 to fit in my Color Classic. Once installed though, the machine doesn't boot. Power comes on, but the screen is black and the hard disk doesn't boot. I got hold of another 68882 chip, but that does the same thing. Has anyone seen a similar issue?
  13. Thank you all so much for this. It makes a lot of sense. I don't have other Mac's for Appletalk/Ethertalk, so have been using MacTCP and Fetch to pull files from my internal FTP server without a problem and this has worked fine on 7.5. Will try 7.1 and see if I can get the same working. I'm going to take the suggestion of having a play with each and seeing what I prefer, then look to slim it down if it's slow, and dual boot if I want to.
  14. Hi everyone, Am new here. I've just picked up the compact Mac bug after using a couple as a kid and this month have picked up a Mac Classic with 4MB RAM running System 7.0 and a Mac Color Classic with 10MB RAM running System 7.5. I'd like to do a fresh install of the OS and was wondering what the best version of System 7 would be for each. I understand the Color Classic will work with up to 7.6.1, is there any reason to not go for that? I'll be mostly running old games on them I should think. I also picked up a lovely AppleCD 300e SCSI drive, a D
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