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  1. Hmm... they seem to have multiplied while in storage... I have four! I don't know about V1 vs V2... three are single pump, one is dual pump... I'm pretty sure the one with the single processor card is a dual-2.5Ghz... i.e. from a 'Quad... IIRC, I used this for testing the logic 'boards... using the Apple HW diags to bypass the "missing" CPU error, running the machine as a "dual 2.5Ghz" machine... As I said, none of these have been run for donkeys... so YMMV absolutely applies!! @mePy2, PM me if you'd like to discuss... I'd like to hear from
  2. I probably have at least one, maybe two "spare" LCS units... neither have been run for a very long time... but could be useful for parts... Unfortunately, they're in the UK = other side of the planet to you!
  3. Cool... I guess mine is one of the 'later' ones - like @JDW's, mine has "Kensington" silk-screened on the bottom curved part... Looking forward to popping it under my ...
  4. Awesome!... I actually have one of these... but just the 'stand', no box / instructions -- so had no idea it could be used 'backwards' for the CC / CCII. Fantastic to know that!... will be placing my CCII on it as soon as I'm finished with the restore... Thanks @JDW!
  5. So was it you that won that bevy of clones that recently sold on UK FleaBay??
  6. Oh well... Has your logic 'board been re-capped? What about your Analog 'board? The other thing that might be worth trying is checking the memory settings in the App. It's been a while since I messed with this, but are you able to select the App, then "Get info" and see what it's set to?
  7. Ahh... meant to add... you might want to run Disinfectant - https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/disinfectant - if you've not already. Believe it or not, I recently found a couple of my Macs (Classic II, SE) had picked up the MBDF virus - http://virus.wikidot.com/mbdf. I only discovered this after having issues with SimpleText crashing. No idea how it got onto them - neither is connected to any network. I haven't spent the effort to track down where it came from, but probably the 'garden or Repository... might have been off a hard drive from one of the machines I've restored.
  8. You might want to give Apple Personal Diagnostics a spin... - https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/apple-personal-diagnostics-111 - https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/apple-personal-diagnostics-113 ***Edit*** argh... I just re-read your post seeing that you've tried this... sorry! Might we worth letting it 'loop' for a while. Also... might also be worth removing / re-seating the expansion 'board and the individual SIMMs.
  9. You can count me in for your final / 'initial' ("black" 'boards?) run... I still have a couple of 'dead' Classic 'boards in slightly less 'nasty' condition to the ones I sent you!...
  10. Another option would be to put your PowerBook in "target disk mode", then use that as the 'boot device'... You'd need one of these tho... ...set to "Dock" mode.
  11. My pleasure... hope it helps! I'll defer to the more worthy here... I'm with you when it comes to PSU work...
  12. Oh well... Did you try "Downtown" Doug (Brown)? He was helpful when I was resurrecting my II(s)... https://www.downtowndougbrown.com/2015/03/explanation-of-the-macintosh-iiiix-power-onoff-circuit/
  13. When doing some Googl'ing to see if I could find a schematic... I ran across this... Have you already been there / done that?
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