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  1. Woohoo! Happy to hear your Mac Plus has a new lease on life I'm considering extended the give away to an additional three sets of ROMs. If anyone would be interested let me know in this thread and I'll see if there's more demand.
  2. The last set has been claimed! Remember, the tutorial is there if you want to make your own set and I'm here if you have any questions. Feel free to reach out —
  3. Another set has been claimed - now is your last chance to get a set for free!
  4. I recently posted a tutorial which covers how to make replacement ROMsI recently posted a tutorial which covers how to make replacement ROMs for the Mac Plus. It's directly applicable to earlier compacts, such as the 128k and 512k. The process is similar for the Macintosh Classic & Classic II (different chips). If anyone missed it, I'm offering 3 free sets of ROMs for anyone interested with two still remaining — just pay shipping. One set has already been claimed by @Mighty Jabba so don't miss out!
  5. I've recently published the open source files for a dimensionally accurate battery cover replacement. You can find the files here or buy 3D prints here ($0.50 markup over manufacturing costs).
  6. I'm somewhat experienced with the M0100. Have you used a multimeter to check the port inside the keyboard while it's connected to the Mac Plus? You should expect the outside wires on either side to read 5 volts. If you have an oscilloscope you can also probe either of the middle wires + ground. You should see pulses when the keyboard is connected. Let me know what tools you have available to test with.
  7. Awesome! As a matter of curiosity, where did your source your replacement chips (and what chip are you using)?
  8. Appreciate the additional detail (and discount)!
  9. Personally, I find the price for an individual set a little off-putting. However, I understand there's time involved for packing and shipping — also, you invested the time and risk to source and purchase these. Just my $0.02 — apologies in advance if it's not appreciated.
  10. I'm by no means knowledgeable with these error codes, but if I'm reading this guide correctly you have "Zero Divide" error. Maybe a ROM issue (like corrupted ROMs?). If you have another machine maybe you could try swapping ROM? That being said, the line makes me think there's a memory issue persisting but again, I am not an expert!
  11. Is this eBay listing for $10 with free shipping comparable to the set of screws you're offering?
  12. Yup, they're ready to go ROM chips. I'll reach out in the next few days (or earlier).
  13. Okay, here's the tutorial — feel free to leave feedback or ask questions in the comments on Instructables or here. I'm giving away 3 sets of ROMs (just pay shipping!) Please post in here if you're interested and I'll reach out to qualifying parties to get your mailing information
  14. Something incredible happened today — it wasn't that my chips finally arrived (I guess I can scratch out my "ONE Apus" theory)... and it wasn't that the chips were actually good... the incredible thing is that everything worked on the first try. I'll be publishing the tutorial in a few days!
  15. I'm beginning to believe my order may have been aboard the ONE Apus. Still no chips...
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