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    Vintage System 6, 7.x, HyperCard, older vintage hardware such as Jaz and Zip drives, Apple A/UX, Mac OS X Server, Debian Linux, Calculating Pi to insane digits.

    Recently been recapping all of my vintage hardware.

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  1. Do you have the audio wire that runs from the CDROM to the motherboard installed ? Theres a special flat ribbon cable that connects to the drive audio output and into the motherboard cd audio header.
  2. Oh man. That totally sucks. I hope you get it figured out. I haven’t yet touched any of my power supplies because I’m afraid to make them worse.
  3. Well it was worth a shot. That step is free and painless. Maybe someone else here will have a suggestion.
  4. Hold down keys. Turn on. You should see a graphical indication of the reboot. If not, then wait about 2 1/2 minutes while holding the keys. Turn off. Turn on.
  5. Hold the keys. Switch on. Wait until it does at least 10 cycles before letting go. It seems like it’s extreme. It’s exactly what Apple did on my Q605 back in 1994 when my sound stopped working. I took it in under warranty and an hour later I got it back with a bill for $130. I asked why and they said corrupted PRAM was the cause and told me the 10 reboot cycle clears it more than just one and 3 Cycles. I never forgot, after having to pay $130.
  6. Just out of curiosity, did you use a good PRAM battery, and reset PRAM by holding Command Option P R while switching on and what you perceive to be 10 full reboot cycles ?
  7. How hard would it be to make this app calculate digits of Pi? There’s a popular benchmarking tool on x86 called y-cruncher. I’ve used it to set some world records myself. It would be interesting to see the Pi calculation times on a 68k Mac.
  8. You're right. I was having an off day yesterday, and read the figures inverse. I have over 50 LC/LC2/LC3/LC475 Macs (combined total) that I am in the process of restoring. I need to also restore the PSU but I was thinking that maybe a brand new PSU inside an enclosure that's the same dimensions as the original LC would work better (considering PSU improvements over the past 30 years). Maybe I should just recap the PSUs I have and call it a day. I wonder if I could build a decent PSU that would still fit inside the metal enclosure, for at least my own overclocked LC 475 machines
  9. I don’t know why but I had thought the original PSU was less than 2a on 12v but apparently it’s around 4-5a on 12v. This PSU I found is only 2a on 12v, so likely not good enough. I’ll have to keep looking. The cost and size was definitely attractive. Especially for retrofitting inside an LC.
  10. I meant whether I’d have issues with a power supply supposedly being 12v 2a and 5v 2a on an LC.
  11. Great! Thank you !! If the specs are correct on the power supply, 12v and 5v 2.0 amps, do you foresee any issues? The cost is certainly low.
  12. I had posted an article on Reddit about this very thing. 68040 Macs have a version of SCSI manager that can handle larger disks, but still can’t boot from >2GB. PCI PowerMacs introduced changes to the SCSI manager that allows for larger disks, where you likely get the “7.5.2” change you mention (PCI Macs required 7.5.2 minimum. Here’s the text as copied from my Reddit: Pro Tip: Using large SCSI hard drives in old Macintosh machines (including Ultra 160 and Ultra 320) I purchased a PowerMac 8600 that included a 4GB hard drive. The drive died. When I removed
  13. I have found a compact 12v and 5v 2.0amp power supply with a molex connector that costs $10 with free shipping. I want to try one on an LC to see how well they work. The power supply is included in this kit: https://www.ebay.com/itm/361594883718 Is there a Digikey part number or name for the power supply connector on the LC? I don’t want to destroy a vintage power supply. Ideally I’d 3D print an enclosure or bracket for this power supply so it would fit inside the LC nicely. The specs indicate it should work, unless someone knows more about this than I do.
  14. I think you’re right, but at some point during the boot sequence, likely after this INIT loads and restarts (just like Apple did with 7.6), corruption is definitely an eventuality, depending on extensions that are installed. I know. I’ve had to format and reinstall the system software on several Iomega Jaz cartridges I use for troubleshoot booting of recapped and leaking cap Macs (prior to recap). I’ve had many Macs just turn off or freeze during the boot process, before finder loads, and upon inserting those disks into a working Mac the flashing question mark is displayed. Looking at the dis
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