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  1. I need some assistance, I'm trying to recreate the power lead for a Sonnet encore G4 1Ghz. I have a diagram, but I would REALLY like to see pictures of an original cable specifically where the 8 pin lead hooks in to the 20 pin header.
  2. Well by a weird series of events that began with looking at Radeon cards, I appear to now have a Sonnet G4 1Ghz on it's way to me. So that is going to be interesting.
  3. Thanks for that! Going to wait and see what others come up with, but I'll certainly add that card to my potentials list. I have an Airport card in the Pismo and last year Virgin media sent an update to our SuperHub, which resulted in WPA support no longer working. It's WPA2 or WPA2/legacy, which I guess is some sort of backward compatible WPA support, which the airport card doesn't care for one bit. The only way the Pismo will connect to my mobile, is by making running the hotspot without encryption, but minimizing connections to 1. It's not perfect, but least while the Pismo is ho
  4. So for a while, I've been tethering my Pismo to my phone. But I'd really like to know if there is a USB or PCMCIA card which I can plug in to my 10.4 Pismo.
  5. Thanks for the info, I was hoping someone who had owned one might chime in and give some first hand experience. So would you say, that upgrading from say a G4 500mhz to the 1Ghz wont actually be that much of an upgrade? That the cut you take to the system bus is more detrimental to overall perfomance? At the moment my system does take a while to boot, say compared to my G4 1.55Ghz powerbook, but thats to expected. I don't think I could handle it being slower, thats the opposite of what I was hoping to achieve. I'd prefer not to buy another system but max out the B/W as best I can.
  6. Given the kick to the system bus, is it worth upgrading from say a G4 500mhz to a G4 1Ghz?
  7. This is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone knew if it were possible to get a Pixma 7200 printer working with OS x 10.4. The earliest OS is seems to support is 10.5, both with Gutenprint and the official Canon website. Is there anyway I might be able to compile a useable driver from a linux driver? I'm picking at straws i know. But I've been using my B&W since the lock down and managing quite well, until today when i wanted to print something out.
  8. Thanks, I literally ordered mine a few days ago. As my hd is showing its age. I'll check that link out for hints and tips.
  9. Not pleased to read this, I recently bought one. I really hope I didn’t just waste the better part of £70 If mine doesn’t work right it’ll be returned, setting up a hard drive on a Mac shouldn’t require so much messing around.
  10. The parts list can’t hurt! It will be handy to have. Its a relief to hear the Plus is through hole. The Classic worked 6 months ago, but I stuck it in the attic while I was reorganising things in the house. Think I best bring it down and take a look.
  11. So I have 2x Macintosh Plus 1x Classic i was wondering how involved recapping them is. My experience with Commodore Amiga’s and caps, is that it’s better to recap before they start to fail, as it will avoid unpleasant cap leak. Is the same true to these old macs? I’ve not looked, but I seem to recall the Plus being through hole. I'm sorry if this has been asked before, I just thought I’d start a discussion as I’d like to get a better understanding of what I might be facing. I’m ok with a soldering iron, just not done much with SMD’s, through hole I’m totally
  12. I have letterbox on mine, making it practically unusable
  13. My PB has tunnel vision, I'd be ecstatic if there was a replacement.
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