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  1. Thank you! I have a new update I got a Mac SE/30 from a member of the forum. After Recapping it, the SE/30. Has been working great. I managed to hop on a few BBSes thanks to the Ethernet card I has and setdate! I would love to get AUX working but that has been nothing but a nightmare since I lack any SCSI CD drives
  2. Thanks! Sorta, for the most part all three sorta worked I didn't swap any electronic components except for the 040 card. I have one that had a nicer case, but doesn't have any sound. One that was badly corroded that was partially repaired by the previous owner that sometimes get a sad mac and refuses to boot with any NUBUS cards inserted, and the last one with patchy yellowing and a functional logic board. So I Merged the best parts together to make one perfect one. The other two work, but have issues. I am planning to sell them to recuperate some funds for my next project. I am just excited t
  3. Hello I have a great project that I just finished up. I finally finished my Mac IIci after buying three of them. Found in a lot of two IIcis was an 040 accelerator with 128kb of cache, A 32 bit video card, and a system void of any major corrosion. I am very proud of the outcome with the project and believe the only thing I am missing is the Ethernet card. I can’t wait to enjoy the computer! I’ll be updating this shortly With more additions to my collection and updates for ongoing projects.
  4. That was the recap on The LC II I got, I think it looks tidy, but I did use what I had. I need to get SMD supplies though you are right. I would prefer to use tantalums. The job the previous owner of the IIci is messy in comparison. I’ll post a phot later, definitely wanna clean it up a little.
  5. Update: I have recapped the LC II, the whine from the speaker is gone, however there are vertical bars every half inch on the screen I will take a picture tomorrow when I have time. I plan on releasing a video of the recap, but that will come when I get around to actually editing the footage and voiceover together! This is the Bus Transceiver from the IIci, it popped off the board when I touched it!
  6. You were correct the 74LS240 on the bottom just sorta fell apart went I went to inspect it. Thankfully the traces and solder pads are fine. I was able to clean them and re-tin. I will be ordering the new chip shortly alongside Kapton tape and finer solder. I also started to organize what I need for the LC II Restoration!
  7. I am very excited! It has been a great year for collecting Macs, I just traded a TRS-80, a Two Page Display, an Apple II+ setup, and an Apple IIc all for a book on Pascal, a PowerBook 190cs an LC II, a portrait display, and a Macintosh IIci! It’s not all perfect though, the IIci’s NUBUS slots aren’t functioning properly. The previous owner did recap it. The LC II is in dire need of a recap that’s on my agenda today. The PowerBook is missing the charger too, and my 165 charger doesn’t fit it even though it’s the same voltage/wattage. Here’s the display in 4 bit grayscale playing sim ci
  8. I figured it out in resedit you copy the FOND and the FONT data from Colony and paste it into the System file’s FOND and FONT tables.
  9. I have been trying to figure out how to extract the font for about an hour now. How'd you do that?
  10. Alright now I gotta extract that font! I thought that was just a bitmap logo!
  11. Does The Colony count, I misplaced my Dark Castle disk
  12. I finally got a Plus keyboard from Herb over at retrotechnology.com and now I can finally use my Mac Plus which has been sitting on my shelf for about half a year now! It has been upgraded to 4MB and a book on Think C is currently on its way! I love the smaller foot print it has versus my ADB Performa Keyboard.
  13. I just want to thank OleLila for the PowerBook 165 I got off of him about a week ago! The capacitors came in from DigiKey today and after about an hour and a half of work, I once again have a working PowerBook! I have to find a solution for the drive though, it doesn't sound like it is long for this world. There is nothing on it except a 7.1 System folder. It only has 4MB so I'll be putting 6.0.8 once a permanent storage solution is found.
  14. I am just gonna keep it original. I am using a FloppyEmu in HD20 emulation mode so I don't need a 1.44mb drive. I have been using Mini vMac on the disk file to do any file transfers from my computer which works great. It's much more convenient then transferring files back through multiple different Macs like I had been doing on my PowerMac 7100
  15. Oh I didn’t know that! The day I decoded the serial I went nuts trying to find out if I had a SuperDrive and tried every spare SuperDrive I had. I was bummed when none of them worked. I will have to try that I have a couple PowerMacs with Ethernet. I bought an AAUI adapter for my 7100 that I still need to mess with. I will also need the cables for LocalTalk.
  16. Yeah I looked up the serial number, it said it was early 1988 FDHD 20MB option. I’m thinking maybe it got taken in for service and the wrong case was put back on it? It’s weird though the rear of the case just says SE not SE FDHD? It definitely has an 800K drive and a normal IWM it getting late so I’ll look it back up to make sure in the morning.
  17. The plus came from a repair shop, the person who gave it to me said it was a gift when he was leaving for a new job. He just to put it away and never touched it after. I did notice that it had a 128 serial number. Would of been much cooler if it was the 128 or a 512 even though it’s would be really limited! The SE is an odd ball. It’s an FDHD rear case. A SE Front and logic board it tossed a couple of hands before ending up in an attic and then finally with me. I don’t think either machine had much use if any. The SE was missing RAM probably stolen to put in another machine at some point. It w
  18. It is in very good condition, a magic eraser got a lot of the blemishes off and both have very crisp screens. Very low hours on the tube with no burn in! I am pretty excited!
  19. Hello everyone! After a month I managed to get my first 68k Macs! I had been recommended an LC III by a member back in May, but when the Mac Plus popped up being given away I couldn't resist driving to Northern Phily to pick it up! It wasn't enough though. When a Mac SE was found in a attic of a friend's place I was able to take it as well. After a battling a busted hard drive, trading an iMac for some software, transferring files to 800K disks from my PowerMac, and then finally biting the bullet for a FloppyEmu, I got a fully functioning system! My future plans include t
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