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  1. Thanks! That also answers why my keyboard was made in 1983.
  2. Maybe find leads on spare resistors or other capacitors in your box of goodies that will fit. Cut the 0.80 leads short and solder the spare leads and install.
  3. I had the chance to pick a //e locally and saved the shipping cost that would have kept me from buying it. The seller only powered up to see the indicator light and that was it. I took a chance and bought it. Fired it up on my big screen and she flickered at first, shut her down and fired it back up. Yes we are rolling! Checked the rom version, not sure if this is correct for the //e and seeing done for the //c getting 255 but 193 is the version. Getting under the hood was interesting, quite dusty. I noticed the 1982 year of manufacture, I assume thi
  4. I've had a similar issue with my setup and I also run 6.0.8 on an SE setup. When it doesn't print I recycle the power on the printer and print again, that usually works.
  5. Well come 2040 this will be a mute point. Funny that my 6.0.7 has no issues with it.
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