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  1. In the previous days I had been analyzing the schematic of the vertical circuit, in classicmac.pdf After discarding transistors Q1, Q2, and Q4 and having checked most of the resistors and diodes in the circuit, I suspected the LM324 op amp, but did not want to desolder it for no reason. But thanks to MacTech68 answer in Macrumors forum, I decided to try replacing it. Yesterday I was able to go to the electronic store that is near my home (which fortunately is enabled to work during quarantine) and I got the integrated ST brand for about $ 0.35. I also bought a 2N4
  2. Hello everyone! I introduce myself, my name is Rodrigo. I live in Argentina, so I apologize if my English is bad. First, I apologize for asking for help without having helped before. I've been reading this forum since 2017, but I've only just had time to get back to work on the Mac during quarantine. In 2017 I had the joy of finding a forgotten Macintosh Plus (Apple is not very common in my country) in an old warehouse. He had suffered a lot, he had the rear battery door with the battery burst and a lot of dirt. When turned on, the dreaded SadMac appeared with a co
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