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  1. Great i was able to use your floppy boot 7.5 to use HD SC patched 7.5.3 and install a new scsi HDD ! Great job, Thanx
  2. My stuffit .img is in fact a stuffit compressed file
  3. Hi, i'm struggeling with this stuff. I'm able to copy files (.sit, .bin, .img.... ) on a high density formatted floppy hfs disk via my PC under Win10 and macdisk tool. I need an executable of stuffit v4.0 (for my os6.03 classic mac). But the only image that i found of it is .sit, .img, .bin (compressed with stuffit). This is the snake that eats his tail. Any help would be appreciated Thanks in advance
  4. I've already tried PP1 but not solve the issue PP1 at max give 4.81v
  5. Hi, I have purchase an old classic mac I have recap logic and analogic (ref 820-0525) boards, replaced IRF BC40, TDA4605 and CNY17 (opto), diode dp3, dp4, rework connectors solder, but +5v still weak (start at 4.65v) cold boot doesn't work. If i use a hair dryer a little on analogic board, +5v increase till 5.1v (keep stable) and boot is ok. Any advice to find the issue ? I'm out of idea. Thanks in advance
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