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  1. Just for a status update. I've modded the back panel of my Mac SE/30 to accomodate a switch and DB15. I've wired up the DB15 and awaiting the arrival of a connector for the XCEED card. I'm going forward with the advice above for wiring. Just for clarity, you said pin 12 (CableOK) should go to ground. Does that mean I put a jumper between pin 12 and pin 3 which is supposed to be GND? Thanks
  2. Thanks. Think I have it worked out now. Just one question. Looking at adapter cables from other units, it doesn’t seem like the cable connects to anything other than the card to the DB15 connector. So to toggle between GND and VCC for PIN 11, where do I get VCC from?
  3. Thanks for this guidance. I also found the attached pin out info. Based on this pin out and what you provided I think this is the connector cable: XCEED CARD -> DP-15 PIN 1 -> PIN ? PIN 2 -> PIN ? PIN 3 -> GND (PIN 1) PIN 4 -> PIN 3 PIN 5 -> GND (PIN 1) PIN 6 -> PIN 2 PIN 7 -> GND (PIN 1) PIN 8 -> PIN 5 PIN 9 -> GND (PIN 1) PIN 10 -> PIN 9 PIN 11 -> GND or VCC PIN 12 -> GND (PIN 1) Does this look right? Also, what does PIN 1 (VGASYNC) and PIN 2 (VGA
  4. I managed to pick up one of these cards but I don’t have the adapter cable to go from card to video connector. Does anyone have the pin out from the card connector to the video connector so I can make my own cable?
  5. Thanks heaps! I’m installing my card in the next few s days. Will let you know how I go too.
  6. Oh wow - thank you so much. You are awesome! Any chance you can scan the user manual as well?
  7. Thanks. Was bad RAM SIMMs. Swapped with good SIMMs and all good now.
  8. Hi All, I recently picked up a SuperMac accelerator card for a Mac SE. I think the card is a 16 MHz 68000 accelerator. I’ve added some photos to show what I’ve got. Does anyone have the drivers for this card or know where I could get the drivers? Thanks macsonny
  9. Hi All, I have a Mac SE that I'm in the process of restoring. On powerup, I get no chime but an error message 0000000E/00000100" displayed and some lines on the scrren per attached screen shot. Any ideas on what's happening? Thanks Sonny
  10. Hey All, I'm in the process of restoring a Mac SE. So far so good. I have found a strange issue though. The L1 inductor on the analog board that's used to tune the horizontal picture alignment is missing the screw inside the long cylinder. An odd one know. I've moved a long screw driver inside the L1 inductor and that moved the picture horizontally left and right. I want to replace the screw which I think is 5mm diameter. So, a few questions: 1. Can anyone please confirm the diameter and length of the screw inside the L1 inductor? 2.
  11. Hi All, I have a Mac SE/30 that I picked up. Started up fine a few times but after about a week it started up with a blank screen and a bright horizontal line. Also not boot noise on power up. So, based on lots of advice I have recapped BOTH the analog board and the motherboard. Now when i turn power on, i get the boot sound but still the horizontal line. I did some further research and here I found some info: https://wiki.preterhuman.net/Macintosh_SE/30#Replacement_Tantalum_Capacitors_.28logic_board.29 I checked the P1 connector on
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