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  1. Hello ! Really good job, I'm impressed. You are faster than me, I don't have a working set yet How did you replace your PDS slot ? Do you now why it broke ? I'm waiting for others drill bits at the moment. If you used Rev 1.2 then you have the last revision with improved routing and larger edge connector. Once I get mine working (in December), I will start selling kit, maybe next year. You can sell yours first if you want, it's an OpenSource project after all. Have a nice day. Regards
  2. Rev 1.2 now in production : - moved PCB edge connector up to make room for the "V" profile and increased pads size to be a little closer to the PCI spec. - tightened DRC checks and corrected a few things - rerouted manually a few lines and removed a few Vias
  3. It's not a memory issue. It's a timing and synchronisation issue. Since the video and 68000 are synched and share the same memory, The video subsystem could only read memory at specific times (and stopped the processor while doing so IIRC). It's more of an "how many lines can I read in one second while stopping the processor" issue than a memory one. There are articles around there that explain this "issue" better than I can. Also, XGA wasn't born yet (1984 vs 1990) and 512x384 never was in any VGA spec.
  4. Just finished reading all 10 pages. Thats just impressive work. Nice skills !
  5. It isn't a mistake. It's because that most compact macs don't even have a GPU and their video subsystem is running synchronous to the processor. That means you can only run that specific resolution. Otherwise yeah : as @Oberlehrer stated, 512x384 is half of 1024x768, so it's somewhat standard.
  6. Nice ! I don't need another HPV card, but i'm sure someone will want one one this is finished. Sending you a PM for postal address & stuff
  7. Ha that's helpful, thanks ! I will make another revision with a V profile then. The 6100 motherboard is now alive again after cleaning some solder joints around the PDS slot. So there is hope
  8. That would be useful, just for testing insertions on an original slot. Do you take PayPal ?
  9. Two possible things : - I probably pushed sideways (probably this, since it worked a few times without damaging the slot before) - The HPV video card has a round "bottom" vs a square one for the bracket. However Cache and ROM both also have a square "bottom." Otherwise, both PCB have the same thickness (0.062in / 1.57mm)
  10. Hello there, figured I might post some update, even if it's bad news. Got the new revision done, and everything fitted without issues. Thing is, while pluging in/removing the riser after a dozen tries, I bended about 20 pins and shorted the motherboard While trying to unbend them, the plastic of the connector broke... Ended removing the broken slot without much issues. Removing 182 pins from the motherboard wasn't fun… Next task : replace the PDS slot and get another board if that doesn't work...
  11. Thanks for your interest. Yes I did. Covid didn't help so I only received everything last week. I made a mistake reading the connector datasheet, and so the hole size is wrong. Ordered a new batch with the correct size. This issue aside, it's fine (connector fir in motherboard properly, and the HPV card fit nicely in the sourced connector) The design for the riser is open source so you will be able to : - build one yourself from scratch - build all the parts as a do it yourself kit. (price to be determined, but definitively under $30). I may be build them myse
  12. Here is mine, just in case. ROM file here (27C128): MC3NB_B1.bin
  13. Whats the P/N of your PSU ? 61xx ones do not have any power on/off logic or security. Even without a fan they should give power. Did you check the fuse ? Edit : you can check your fan easily. Find another 12V source, and use the red and blacks pins on the fan connector.
  14. Managed to get almost all the pinouts of the monitor. The weird stuff is my Pivot II card is not visible in TattleTech nor Monitor control panel. Is that normal ?
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