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  1. When I opened my keyboard & mouse a month or so ago I honestly wondered if JDW would make a JDW in depth video of recapping a keyboard and mouse
  2. Placed the order of 5 for the latest rev prototypes (with passive term) this morning. Should be a week and a half till they get here and I can put them through their paces.
  3. Good point! I don't have any active terminators so hadn't consider that. By limiting to just this one device - you're just saying in documentation? There is no way in software or hardware to prevent this I wouldn't think? Passive termination is needed even if it's the only device on the chain I've found for the ztto version (have been using a unpowered drive at the end of the chain or the RaSCSI to do this while testing.) Thanks for the feedback, that's why I put it out here now!
  4. Thats honestly why I go visit him a few times a year Though not lately... At 72mm x 44mm I'd think it would - though I don't have any PowerBook to test it on (though I should get one...) Just a matter of wiring up the pin out to that connector.
  5. Appreciate that - though I'd like to take a stab at learning more myself after I get the initial designs done for termination and do some software updates. If you'd be willing, once I get there, to bounce the designs off you and get feedback, that'd be great!
  6. Thanks for that feedback - and you're right - it's mostly for me to learn more about PCB design and to say I could
  7. gotta make due with whats around - needed something to hold it up while testing Also hello from South of St. Cloud! Could hand deliver you one next time I drive to my buddies house in Norwood/Young America
  8. That was my top contender too - I'm getting the next round in blue to see how close it matches the blue pill. Termination should be enabled or disabled via two jumpers (and maybe the same switch as RaSCSI if it all works out.) Edit: I looked at these inline scsi terminators too - but they're a bit expensive and discontinued - though you can find a few similar on ebay. https://www.monoprice.com/product?c_id=&cp_id=&cs_id=&p_id=806&sep=1&format=2
  9. Hi all, I’ve been working on building the ArdSCSino-stm32 https://github.com/ztto/ArdSCSino-stm32 (original) https://github.com/erichelgeson/ArdSCSino-stm32 (my fork) to see if it’s a suitable replacement for SCSI Hard Drives in our vintage Macs. I’ve mentioned it in passing a few times on the forums but now I’ve made some progress I wanted to share! There is still a lot left to do, but I'm to a point where I'm looking for feedback! This is my first hardware project - I find it amazing that you can create a PCB in KiCad and have it printed and shipped in a
  10. Yes you feel it seat. Don't have to push hard just firm till you feel it.
  11. Sometimes seeing it in action answers a lot of questions. Hopefully this helps: PXL_20201006_014540864.mp4
  12. Mac I believe? Apple color hi resolution RGB display - not sure - I didnt have a IIgs or Mac in that time period. It does work on connected to an LCIII though - thought it was the 12" toppers but it's a bit wider. It's an RJ-11 port though - just plugged it into my MacBook Pro and it identifies as an Apple USB Modem - just seems an odd thing. Must have came with a laptop he got and just through it in the drawer.
  13. Yes, there is a chance. I saw someone replace a tantalum cap backwards a few times and blow it each time - did work after they realized it was backwards.
  14. Well I already tore it apart so heres a few photos
  15. I do! Will take some photos tonight if no one else has.
  16. Filled the entire suburban. I'm only keeping a few, most others will be sold, traded, or parted depending on condition. Went through a few box and just tons of stuff. Daystar 601 card, tons ram, eithernet cards, 2 se boards, few II boards, cache cards, pds cards, video cards. Tons of software. A bit overwhelming. Goal is to find some gems and trade for others. Have some stock for people looking for random parts.
  17. Just unloaded.... A lot to go through, the boxes are filled with cards, ram, motherboards, parts, disks, everything. Will do a quick stock tonight. Got from a dealer/collector who is no longer interested.
  18. If everything works out I plan to put together a few and add some more QoL improvements to the software. Will make a post on where you could get them. Have everything I need to start so will be making that thread soon.
  19. As you noted these solutions are getting more expensive (and more features, better UX, etc) though a few years ago (2016/2018) there were a few Arduino SCSI <-> SD solutions made - even compatible with 68k macs. One even has SCSI Ethernet support though I don't see them mentioned on vintage mac sites such as this one. I do have a SCSI2SDv6 (and soon a RaSCSI) but as all my spinning disks are failing at an alarming rate and v5's seem to be sold out indefinitely - I'm more interested in a cost effective SCSI version that is "just a drive". I am building and have the arduino and
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