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  1. KiCad files are there but I also exported/added the schematic now as well - https://github.com/erichelgeson/BlueSCSI/blob/main/hw/gerbers/bluescsi-1.0-b-FINAL.pdf
  2. SD cards are strange, i've seen that happen as well. Re power- what machine did you use? I've actually never had to use external power (only tested it) I'll take a look at the apple drive setup - i swear i had done so before. You can change the drive vendor, etc via config file. I almost always use lido or pre-format on a modern machine due to how long apple drive setup takes.
  3. The software can't see the sd card if PC13 is flashing (or no image is found, but then there would be a log file). Verify points from the sd card to the bluepill, make sure the sd holder is grounded. ExFat or Fat32 will both work. Touch up the solder points just to make sure they're making good connection. If you used flux make sure there's none in the sd slot mucking stuff up. Make sure the SD card is seated all the way (sometimes it can feel like it is but it's just out a bit.) Just a smattering of things to try from touching up some assemblies.
  4. @bibilit - yes the naming convention is required - there are details in the README - it tells the bluescsi what scsi id/lun/byte size to use. you can add your own text after as well, eg `HD00_512-games.hda` - no requirements on the name of the sd card. @joshc right you do need the partition/driver/etc setup - I made a script to do it and I plan to upload some pre formatted blanks to the repo soon (in discord if you want them now) https://gist.github.com/erichelgeson/88e4480e5cff3c92e75e33ab1bfb4859
  5. FYI the oled script is fixed up in the develop branch and incorporated into easyinstall. Next release will have it all buttoned up.
  6. @kaoshonen - oh, one more thing you could try - just bypass nginx by going to port 8080, eg: http://yourpi:8080 - though i'll still fix nginx this weekend
  7. When I first created the new python web interface I didnt have nginx in front of it, but added it later - looks like i forgot to remove the limit. You can either edit your nginx config to remove the check or wait for me or someone to fix it. An alternative for now is you could upload files via scp/sftp to the /home/pi/images/ dir
  8. Good call @wymtb - that was intentional - but I now see how that will not provide the 5v pull up termination. I had some discussions early on and thought not feeding the 5v from a differnt line back into the scsi bus was the right thing to do, though some more recent discussions about the scsi spec may indicate this could be ok as there should be a diode on the host as well. I'll have to dig in a bit more. Luckily it's just one bodge wire if that's the case
  9. I've been chatting with @Flamelily to build and distribute from the UK. He's done this for other a few other projects and contacted me to see if it'd be alright for him to distribute. Glad to have an option "across the pond" for people to get from without unreasonable shipping costs. https://bluescsi.flamelily.co.uk/
  10. It is possible, but I have no way to validate or test. The Plus just has some quirks, but unsure if MacSnap has the same ones. I did get my RaSCSI setup to do some packet captures - hopefully start debugging it this coming week as time allows. The tool will likely not work for HD20 drives - I'm not sure of one that does - It's SCSI Director Pro -https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/scsi-director-pro-40 Thanks for the info!
  11. That looks great! Does the Portable have the same SCSI connector as the PowerBook line? I haven't seen a portable in person before Thanks! Let us know how they end up working for you. Soon, seems it's a bit trickier to get some parts in the UK now... And just a quick update - stock is low - last week went through almost all I had left on hand. 60 more on the way, should only be a week or so though if Shipping times hold.
  12. I had to look it up so posting for others - https://www.bigmessowires.com/shop/product/apple-disk-drive-ab-switch/ Neat solution!
  13. Glad everything is working well! Ya a LC 3 is on the top end of the 030's you'd want to use - you might get a few kb/sec faster write with a different SD card, but looks about right. Not sure about the termination issue you saw being in the middle of the chain - I believe I have used it in the middle in an external enclosure, but could test again later. Possibly cable length could be an issue? For sale, see link in my signature. Would be great of the forum allowed editing initial posts. Not yet, but soon(tm) It'll be posted here once available. I did
  14. I have a good 800k disk I formatted on my real mac and put a file or two on to test. I just get a bunch of failures to read tracks - same disk works fine in a real mac. Reading 1.44 disks are fine - recovered a few things already. Someone on the forum mentioned this model had issues with 800k disks too. The Sony & Samsung seem to be validated working.
  15. It seems my Panasonic JU-256A might be one of the ones that don't work with 800k - What model is your floppy drive @Andrew?
  16. Ahh! makes more sense what command do you use to read 800k disks? Also I have a bunch of notes i'll post here later as setup is not "simple" - just a lot of things to setup
  17. Oh, I was not aware of this - for connecting a mac floppy do you need a straight through cable or with the twist? how does power work? Had good results reading 1.44 disks, but no 800k's have worked so far in fluxengine or gw - though I've only spent a few minutes on it so far.
  18. Got my boards from @Torbar and got it setup. Seems to read the few disks I tried fine, will be trying a few bad disks I couldn't read in my Mac and see if I can salvage the files.
  19. I have some reports of people having it work on 040 machines - so maybe there was just an issue with my machine. Still need to get to the bottom of it but glad it's working. If you test on a machine I haven't, please let me know! Received another batch of bluepills so added more stock. Oddly had one ebay bluepill order of 20 get canceled after a few weeks. Luckily have enough for the next few weeks. Thanks, was quite the journey and learned a ton!
  20. Based on your comments I did a bit more googling and found a thread here from 2017 - Appears to come to the conclusion this will not work. But if someone did get it working in a 580/630 that would be great to hear how.
  21. Well well well! I have about 50 of these for a different project (see sig) - Thanks for the tip, I'll be giving it a try.
  22. I'm interested to know this as well - I was about to mod my case to allow the comslot1 to fit in a CC case beside my IIe card (HDD power harness internally is just a few mm too far down). Would rather avoid breaking plastic if ethernet commslot wont work with the IIe card.
  23. Unfortunately at least $18.25 USD - so almost the same price as a kit. If you ordered a few may be worth it? DM if you want to try. Added more stock the site. Shipped 12 out Saturday, already have a few more queued up for next week's shipment.
  24. Thanks! and Yes I believe it will be - If you give me a zip code/city I can get a quote on Saturday when I ship them out. Awesome! Thanks for the report and I like the bent sideways boot jumpers to make it fit I'll be working on my daughter boards this coming week so glad you posted this! Will be shipping out the first batch tomorrow. Taking stock and will have the second batch up next week!
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