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  1. Been AFK with work, home, etc, but plan to get a few of these todo's done this week and likely do one last prototype batch. I have sent out a few prototypes to people to get some feedback.
  2. Very nice! Interesting to use the STM32 - You've probably seen the Arduino scsi thread which also uses a STM32 https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/61045-arduino-scsi-device-work-in-progress/ What I'm struggling with is how to power it reliably - some have mentioned in that thread that their scsi bus for whatever reason does not supply a stable 5v. Also the Mac Plus does not supply term power. Would be interested to know what you're thinking on that point. How are you handling termination enable/disable? Will probably buy one because I cant help myself
  3. Something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-545D-545-Diamond-Wheel/dp/B00004UDI9 Thanks for the details - my crt neck was already broken when I got the computer. That floppy drive is quite nifty! How did you connect the eject? Can you share a few more details on the ports and how you connected them?
  4. Nice! I have a broken SE/30 tube/case I'm considering doing a project like this too. Can you talk more about how you cut the tube and what exact screen you used? Oddly the videos are not playing for me, can hear them just not see them.
  5. Have you taken out the ROM chips, cleaned and re-seated? That is a common step I've had to do once or twice to get past. Just make sure you check/remember the orientation and the offset.
  6. Working on that now - international shipping will be more of course - I just haven't shipped a lot internationally. Cost will be determined on how I can source all the parts - have a spread sheet and working on it now. This weekend I added a floppy power port (though seems to be some conflicting info on if the pitch is 2.54 or 2.5 - though both would probably work), added activity LED pin out, moved the debug port, re-worked the mounting, made the board 1mm wider to not cut off silk screen. Will be testing a few of the power options before actually placing the orders here on non-TE
  7. My test machine is an LC and it works great. Likely kit (with pre flashed arduino) and fully assembled.
  8. This page lists them https://console5.com/wiki/Macintosh_LC_Series
  9. Please do and let me know - I guess all of my machines provide a good 5v - but if that's not common (and probably with 30 year old machines it varies) it would be a good idea to have a 5v line. An option is they do make molex to usb to provide 5v, but they're a bit hard to source. I'll look at the cost and layout. This is something I'll try this weekend, I've noticed the option, just never selected it. The scsi termination works well. Would just adding niceties to it now - eg: 5v Power, activity LED pin out, fix placement of debug pins (not enough room), likely re
  10. There is no need, it is powered by the SCSI bus.
  11. My LCIII has never(removed it before I recapped it) had a pram battery in and works fine - maybe something else going on here? Agree I have a few sets of Xeno and they work fine for the machines I do have a battery in.
  12. That's the plan! Right now it's jumpers but those get lost easily (but easily found too) Still haven't had time to clean up and push everything - click watch on github and you'll be the first to know when I do :) There were some updates in V2 upstream ~3-4 months ago - it ran as is for me. I did change the vendor too, and added a config file if someone wished to override some settings - reflashing a firmware is quite a lot just to change settings, translated as best I could with google translate and some context. Correct - I got through it as you did,
  13. That's one of the great advantages here - sure these projects are more immature (they're just starting out) - have a ton of potential. Amazing to see what others are already adding to RaSCSI (making a framebuffer capture device) Limiting scope and price - I think RaSCSI has a nice price point to (much higher) feature set - if you want to go that route. Here it's more on lower price points with a sole focus - something you could stick into each machine if you wanted. I'm sure you could add a lot more here - and maybe someone will, but for now I'm happy with the price/perf/features.
  14. Got the mouser order tonight - BlueSCSI 1.0-a fully assembled - tested termination - works!
  15. Prototypes arrived early! Unfortunately mouser order is still in transit so will just have to look at them till the parts arrive. Note I added a pin out to the upper right for hooking up a programmer (so I dont have to solder legs on and risk shorts anymore while debugging Will design/print an internal mount now that I have some holes to mount to this weekend.
  16. Nice! I know a few others who have recently built one too. Any notes or photos you have I'd love to hear. Where did you get your PCB from? How are you handling termination (I suppose you are just terminating the next device since you made a chain). Anything you think that could be improved on the hardware or software side? I'm on the lookout too for a SCSI PowerBook to build a model for that. Also may order a few of the break out boards like RaSCSI has if people would like to mount externally.
  17. That is for his V1 - which I accidentally translated first I have a lot of cleanup to do in the repo, but the V2 is the software I'm running on my prototypes. Will cleanup and push what I have later this week before the new prototypes arrive (assembly finished btw, shipping soon!)
  18. ztto - the commit history/fork/etc is all there in github. There is only 78 ifs in the entire code, most are macros - are you looking at ArdSCSinoV2.ino ? I do plan to review more of those functions to see if there's opportunity to optimize - haven't done c++ in quite a while, but open to any suggestions!
  19. When I opened my keyboard & mouse a month or so ago I honestly wondered if JDW would make a JDW in depth video of recapping a keyboard and mouse
  20. Placed the order of 5 for the latest rev prototypes (with passive term) this morning. Should be a week and a half till they get here and I can put them through their paces.
  21. Good point! I don't have any active terminators so hadn't consider that. By limiting to just this one device - you're just saying in documentation? There is no way in software or hardware to prevent this I wouldn't think? Passive termination is needed even if it's the only device on the chain I've found for the ztto version (have been using a unpowered drive at the end of the chain or the RaSCSI to do this while testing.) Thanks for the feedback, that's why I put it out here now!
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