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  1. Hi all! Just finished my first recap of an SE/30 - was quite the job, but it works! This is my first SE/30 so trying to learn what's possible for my machine. Now I need to find some ram. I only have 1mb in it currently, so no system 7. My goal would be to have System 7.5.5 on it - I do have a network card so I'd like to go online/transfer files/etc. OWC has new 16mb modules - And 64mb seems overkill. - 64mb(16x4) $48 - $0.75/mb Ebay/etc have a lot of 4mb though they'd cost about 2x more per mb as OWC. I don't see any 8mb 30pin simms for sale
  2. I recently ordered some replacement gears from here: https://www.shapeways.com/product/27DNUVPJA/replacement-floppy-drive-gear-for-macintosh-comput $8 for 12 parts + shipping The design is opensource, you can find the 3d files here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4167139 I have quite a few drives I'm replacing the gears in so I'll post my experiences here. Replaced my first drive a 800k External Floppy P/N 825-1174A that was not ejecting. You can see the in the first picture the state of the old gear, it denigrates to the touch. The ejec
  3. I have the exact same wire on my Classic II too, so I think a factory defect fix is probably accurate. (and yes that battery was removed right after that photo
  4. I believe the fan is getting voltage but not spinning - also there are 2 wires next to the fan's power that loop into a plastic holder and a resistor(?) or something seems to be there. maybe a safety if the fan isnt running? Are there any schematics for this PSU? I cant seem to find them.
  5. Thanks for the pointer @cheesestraws - after taking a closer look at the back the J4 connector had bad solder joints - along with a few other places that I didn't see on the first pass. I reflowed them and it works like a charm. The Dead Mac Scrolls is quite handy!
  6. Hi all, I'm scoping what I need to fix my Mac Plus analog board. The Mac Plus does work, it chimes and putting a floppy in will boot, but the screen is blank. The "smack the left side hard" did work and flicker the screen, though it of course is not a solution! I believe the Flyback Transformer is shot - I've attached a photo where you can see the leads are burnt almost and some corrosion on the top - though I'm not quite sure what it should look like. The board looks otherwise ok - not a lot of bulging or corrosion outside of the flyback. So my que
  7. Thanks for the info @Unknown_K! This will be just for the 7600. Went with the 6x64MB Apple PowerMac 168-pin FPM 4K 5V Buffered DIMM (p/n APL168B64/4K) @ $9 to make it 416mb of RAM total. More then I need but will give me some room to play. Edit: whoops, just noticed I posted this in the NuBus form - apologies!
  8. Here's the conflicting information I'm reading: http://macgurus.com/products/motherboards/mbppc75-7600.php vs. https://www.oempcworld.com/support/mac_memory_explained.html Which leads me to think that FPM is the way to go?
  9. The more I read the more confused I get when choosing the right RAM for my 7600/120. I currently have 2x16 == 32mb of ram but would like a bit more to run OS 9. This page lists many different types that are "compatible" with the 7600 - https://www.memoryx.com/powermac7600.html EDO or FPM? - Which is preferred? Can they be mixed? How do I tell what I have in it currently? 2k/4k refresh? - Spec seems to be 2k but does 4k work (seems to be more 4k out there) 60/70ns? - Can they be mixed? How do I tell what I have? What is preferred? 5V - Yes ECC - No
  10. Hi all! I am restoring my Performa 6115CD. It had a bad battery so required the double tap to warm start. Ordered some batteries. While I waited I opened it up and saw the PSU was caked in dust. I removed it, opened it, blew it out with compressed air and put it back together. I used some isopropyl alcohol and removed some dust on the motherboard (let it dried for days) - no leaky caps I could see - just lots of dust. Battery arrived, put it in, now it doesn't start at all. Power button seems to do nothing, I hear no HDD, no LEDs, nothing. I have a multimeter but not su
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