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  1. On 4/9/2021 at 8:16 AM, Dav said:

    I would like to present you something I call The Poor Man Blue Scsi (PMBScsi) :)

    :D You may be surprised to know I've seen an even more "poorer" implementation - someone wired directly to a 50 pin ribbon cable and soldered the wires directly to a microsd->sd card holder.... :D If you ever find yourself in that situation I'm happy to send you a board.


    19 hours ago, cadenya said:

    Are they out of stock in the 2 hours I didn't check? It says sold out on the website.

    Indeed, I sent an in stock email and they were snapped up. I only sell what I have in hand and can ship in a reasonable time frame. Looks like a lot of people signed up after Joe's Computer Museums video. I'll release more stock as soon as I get some of these fulfilled.

  3. Just got a shipment of bluepills so added stock of kits and assembled (link in signature).


    And wouldn't you know it these ones came with blinky :)


    I added support for macintosh.js to just mount .hda files - opening a PR tonight for it.


     @RetroTheryboy did some great testing on speed this time - quite a bit of perf to gain by using exfat!


  4. On 3/28/2021 at 2:13 AM, JDW said:

    Eric subsequently deleted that section from the README on the Github page for clarity.

    Documentation in any project is always evolving and a moving target - so thanks. If you see anything else that could be improved or clarified ask or even feel free to propose a change on github.

  5. 21 hours ago, mg.man said:

    What I'm wondering is whether one of those HDDs has an Apple (or 3rd party) HDD driver that doesn't "like" the BlueSCSI...  I'm also pretty sure that once a Mac loads a driver for a given block device, it defaults to that - even if there is a "newer" (compatible) one the other devices in the chain...


    Interesting - the MacHD.zip images are created with the lido driver - though I've had no issues as all of my drives are formated with lido maybe there could be if it works the way you describe. Maybe try formatting the image with apples util and see if the issue persists. BlueSCSI doesn't have any logic (or even know) about when/how to mount, thats the OS.

  6. Quick update on Mac Plus - @RetroTheryboy and I have been going back and forth on trying a few things out this weekend. Luckily he was able to narrow down what was going on. Here's what we've found out so far:


    * System 7.0.1 works fine

    * Works on v1/v2/v3 Plus ROM

    * System 6.0.8 causes a boot loop and odd vertical bars:


    * System 6.0.5 causes "normal" boot loops

    * Even just having a System 6 folder on the drive causes these behaviors

    * Can boot from a System 6.0.5 floppy and see the 7.0.1 (or blank) drives fine


    Hopefully someone know some random trivia about the Plus, System 6, and SCSI that may cause this behavior. While getting System 7 to work is great, 6 is where it's at for the Plus.


    This bodge was actually my original design but removed it as I thought it was the _cause_ of these issues so reverted it (the actual cause seemingly is in System software somewhere)


    If you have a 1.0-b and are comfortable making a small bodge you can do the following:


    First: Cut the connection between TERMPOWER and the 220's - a firm press between the drill hole and the term power line is enough. Please check continuity still goes to the bluepill from TERMPOWER and you did not break the line (or you'll be adding another bodge!) and the hole is disconnected.


    Second: Connect 5v from the bluepill to the 220's (the one you just isolated)



    Please only do this if 1) you're comfortable doing these changes and 2) you want to test. @RetroTheryboy and I have been testing but it is not been extensive yet. 3) I am not responsible if your Plus explodes.


    Last - if you are on a Plus you can use SCSI Accelerator extension to get a bit more speed out of the Plus:


    Again huge shot out to Retro Theory for the assist - opensource hardware ftw!

  7. 20 hours ago, JDW said:

    I provided script is just shown for people who are curious how I built the blanks - as this is a more technical discussion form.


    I would not expect end users to do what you just did. I'd expect them to just grab a savagetaylor or rascsi (which I built) image and be good to go. Or if they are adventitious grab a premade "Drive" blank and install themselves.


    If you'd like macintosh.js to mount the drive, rename it to .img - if only everyone could agree on file name extensions :)

  8. @JDW "Drive" images (partition map, driver, partition) - I include premade ones made with this script so no one has to deal with dd. This is due to just reading the raw contents of the file as the drive image, so if it's on a real HDD it needs to be on an image. Note RaSCSI also uses this format. I removed the gryphel link to avoid confusion.


    I agree vMac is nice, but you'll need to use BII to work with these images. There is a pre-made macintosh.js if you want a zero config B-II setup.


    A procedure with dd is still listed if someone wants to build a image from scratch themselves. You could honestly use anything that made a file in a multiple of 512 bytes


    I see gumroad doesn't display price of out of stock. $25 kit, $50 assembled & tested. Waiting on a few bluepills which should be here in a day or two.


    That was a lot of text to parse, but I think I answered the main points of your questions.

  9. 19 hours ago, anthon said:

    Blue pills usually come programmed with a "blinky"

    I have not seen a blue pill with a program on it (most of mine looks exactly like that one, switch, jumpers, etc). The blinking led at 500ms is to indicate sd card or image file not found.


    All signs point to the blue pill is not able to communicate with the sd card for some reason. Can you show the sd card inserted? I have had it were it was just a mm or two out and didnt read it, reinserted and it worked. Also had a little too much solder on the sd holder and kept the card from inserting right.


    Also if you jump on discord can try to help there too.

  10. 22 hours ago, Bolle said:

    After reformating the card everything was fine.

    SD cards are strange, i've seen that happen as well.


    Re power- what machine did you use? I've actually never had to use external power (only tested it)


    I'll take a look at the apple drive setup - i swear i had done so before. You can change the drive vendor, etc via config file. I almost always use lido or pre-format on a modern machine due to how long apple drive setup takes.

  11. 19 hours ago, bibilit said:

    PC13 is flashing on and off, so not founding images (Sd card holder is properly in place) and i can't see the log file either.

    The software can't see the sd card if PC13 is flashing (or no image is found, but then there would be a log file). Verify points from the sd card to the bluepill, make sure the sd holder is grounded.  ExFat or Fat32 will both work. Touch up the solder points just to make sure they're making good connection. If you used flux make sure there's none in the sd slot mucking stuff up. Make sure the SD card is seated all the way (sometimes it can feel like it is but it's just out a bit.) Just a smattering of things to try from touching up some assemblies.

  12. @bibilit - yes the naming convention is required - there are details in the README - it tells the bluescsi what scsi id/lun/byte size to use. you can add your own text after as well, eg `HD00_512-games.hda` - no requirements on the name of the sd card.


    @joshc right you do need the partition/driver/etc setup - I made a script to do it and I plan to upload some pre formatted blanks to the repo soon (in discord if you want them now) https://gist.github.com/erichelgeson/88e4480e5cff3c92e75e33ab1bfb4859

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