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  1. Thanks for the effort! Having more schematics of these old macs is a great.
  2. Here's a photo of the board - bodge wires and re-created pads near the processor.
  3. Hi all, Recapping a Classic II logic board for a friend - I'm using my recapped PSU that works fine with my Classic II board. He got this board from someone who tried to recap it and pulled a few traces and pads up - but thankfully stopped before it was too bad. I was able to recreate the pads and tone out the traces - all seems good. there. The issue I see is checker bars, but the odd thing is they are very faint. The CPU gets warm while it's on but nothing else is happens. I was going to attempt to swap the ROMS, though my Classic II is an earlier rev wit
  4. In stock again - giving 68kmla'ers a head start - I've also have @Torbar helping out this time as demand seems to be pent up. You can check https://scsi.blue (yes .blue is a tld! thanks @androda for the domain tip) for in stock across the three of us currently making them. Looks great! I just got my powerbook one from @androda but my T8 is too short to open my 520c
  5. Been a while but got a few new items yesterday from some kind people for trades. G4 cube, Powerbook 150, and two 15" multi scan monitors (which I've been looking for quite awhile)
  6. @blindowl I would either put it at the end of the chain - or pick up a vintage external case and drop it in that - they usually have a 50 pin to dual db25 connector or similar inside. I have also seen a stacked db25 connector but it was expensive if i remember correctly and seemed a bit flimsy - you'd have to build a mount for it.
  7. You may be surprised to know I've seen an even more "poorer" implementation - someone wired directly to a 50 pin ribbon cable and soldered the wires directly to a microsd->sd card holder.... If you ever find yourself in that situation I'm happy to send you a board.
  8. Finally got my card recapped - this driver seems to be for System 6 (which it does say in the readme upon closer inspection ) - I used this one for 7.5 -https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/rasterops-graphics-system-software-168 . I'll cross link them in the garden.
  9. Nice! Also thanks for using a Non-Commercial license to keep in the spirit of this project!
  10. Thanks! And it looks great! Thank you for choosing a CC non commercial license. I'm testing my powerbook board in a 520c too, but looks like I'll have to pickup a 100 series (oh darn!)
  11. Yep, System enabler 401 from here https://powercc.org/downloads/ Running that on mine (sans 640x480 mod)
  12. Thanks! I just ordered some caps for my Colorboard 108+/30 - hope to get it working.
  13. Thanks for all the info on scsi drivers @mg.man & @blindowl! I didnt know it worked that way. I've only used LIDO to format ra/blue scsi images I never noticed this. @RetroTheryboy - again, amazing detective work! Seems like newer machines have some slightly different calls/behavior that older ones did not or did not care. Thanks for the logic dumps, something to dig through.
  14. Indeed, I sent an in stock email and they were snapped up. I only sell what I have in hand and can ship in a reasonable time frame. Looks like a lot of people signed up after Joe's Computer Museums video. I'll release more stock as soon as I get some of these fulfilled.
  15. Just got a shipment of bluepills so added stock of kits and assembled (link in signature). And wouldn't you know it these ones came with blinky I added support for macintosh.js to just mount .hda files - opening a PR tonight for it. @RetroTheryboy did some great testing on speed this time - quite a bit of perf to gain by using exfat!
  16. Documentation in any project is always evolving and a moving target - so thanks. If you see anything else that could be improved or clarified ask or even feel free to propose a change on github.
  17. Interesting - the MacHD.zip images are created with the lido driver - though I've had no issues as all of my drives are formated with lido maybe there could be if it works the way you describe. Maybe try formatting the image with apples util and see if the issue persists. BlueSCSI doesn't have any logic (or even know) about when/how to mount, thats the OS.
  18. Quick update on Mac Plus - @RetroTheryboy and I have been going back and forth on trying a few things out this weekend. Luckily he was able to narrow down what was going on. Here's what we've found out so far: * System 7.0.1 works fine * Works on v1/v2/v3 Plus ROM * System 6.0.8 causes a boot loop and odd vertical bars: * System 6.0.5 causes "normal" boot loops * Even just having a System 6 folder on the drive causes these behaviors * Can boot from a System 6.0.5 floppy and see the 7.0.1 (or blank) drives fine Hopefully someone know some r
  19. Thanks, and yes it does, that's how I assumed it worked but never had it explained why.
  20. I provided script is just shown for people who are curious how I built the blanks - as this is a more technical discussion form. I would not expect end users to do what you just did. I'd expect them to just grab a savagetaylor or rascsi (which I built) image and be good to go. Or if they are adventitious grab a premade "Drive" blank and install themselves. If you'd like macintosh.js to mount the drive, rename it to .img - if only everyone could agree on file name extensions
  21. @JDW "Drive" images (partition map, driver, partition) - I include premade ones made with this script so no one has to deal with dd. This is due to just reading the raw contents of the file as the drive image, so if it's on a real HDD it needs to be on an image. Note RaSCSI also uses this format. I removed the gryphel link to avoid confusion. I agree vMac is nice, but you'll need to use BII to work with these images. There is a pre-made macintosh.js if you want a zero config B-II setup. A procedure with dd is still listed if someone wants to build a image from scratch t
  22. I stand corrected on blinky! Alternate codes would be handy. I'll add em in at some point if someone doesn't beat me to it.
  23. I have not seen a blue pill with a program on it (most of mine looks exactly like that one, switch, jumpers, etc). The blinking led at 500ms is to indicate sd card or image file not found. All signs point to the blue pill is not able to communicate with the sd card for some reason. Can you show the sd card inserted? I have had it were it was just a mm or two out and didnt read it, reinserted and it worked. Also had a little too much solder on the sd holder and kept the card from inserting right. Also if you jump on discord can try to help there too.
  24. Well good news - it seems the software is compatible with the Mac Plus by providing term power... looks like i need to rerun tests on my side. Glad it's not software related though! --
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