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  1. Right - I did look them up and provided what I think is a valid option - but the comment "crazily tiny" are what worry me. I'm not an EE - I don't know what I don't know I'm learning and want to know more!
  2. Here's the mouser cart with locations, though 2 of them are out of stock... Since this is my first time doing a direct order could someone help validate these replacements? (or offer their suggestions) Current Cart: https://www.mouser.com/ProjectManager/ProjectDetail.aspx?AccessID=48e4badd71 1000uF 35V Out Of Stock https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/667-EEU-FS1V102LB Replacement? https://www.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Wurth-Elektronik/860040578014?qs=0KOYDY2FL2%2Fruv7wsM5kuA%3D%3D 470uF 25V Out Of Stock https://www.mouser.com/Product
  3. Thanks for the info on the cable. It's from my parents house and our first computer was a Plus so that's a bit odd we'd have it. The computer and printer came from a consignment shop in Slayton, MN! Cables and Plus books from my parents. Other from a friend. Lot of stuff all over, just need to have friend and family looking out for ya! Also CL, Facebook, here, (almost never eBay)
  4. Here's the haul from today - SE dual 800k floppies, in box everything, almost mint. Along with an ImageWriter II in excellent condition. 2 ADB keybaords, 1 ADB mouse 250 USB Zip Drive Floppy Disk holder Mac Plus books Palm Pilot Windows 95 on disk!? Bunch of SCSI/etc cables Keyspan ADB to USB adapter DB15 to VGA PS2 to Serail USB modem? (has USB and RJ11, with an apple logo?) Weird Cable (more below) I have no idea what that cable is on the bottom with the gray apple logos are, only h
  5. @LaPorta Thanks for the list via email. I'll share a cart after I order. Removed all caps from the analog board and validated all the values. Used solder sucker, worked well. No real issues besides getting heat on bigger pads.
  6. Ahh I see, I read that backwards then. Finally putting in a mouser order for caps tonight.
  7. Thanks! Interesting diagram. My yoke cable is A, has the "square" component next to it (not sure what it is) but has an Oval Hole? So I'm guessing A, but that oval hole is throwing me off It says: > Note: There are two versions of the Macintosh Classic power/sweep board: Rev A and Rev B. These two power/sweep boards are functionally equivalent but are not interchangeable. The Macintosh Classic II always contains the Rev B board. So if my Classic 1 is indeed an A - I will not be able to test it with my Classic 2's AB.
  8. Is there a list of the caps needed for the analog board? There are so many on the board! Console5 has a kit, but doesn't list what is included https://console5.com/store/macintosh-classic-and-classic-ii-analog-pcb-cap-kit-for-p-n-630-0525.html Branchus Creations has a video on it, though it's for the international version. (Also if the boards are the same as the classic II I can test everything in my II to rule things in/out.) @LaPorta good idea - I did put some heat tape on there, but not enough i guess. Very minor discoloration, but will try yo
  9. Caps Removed very cleanly from board. Used hot air gun. Hard to not heat the plastic power adapter on the motherboard. Also retinned a leg on the Y1 that was very dark. Still need to pull Analog board out to get stock of caps needed for it. Might as well service the floppy drive tonight too - ~5 superficial rust spots on it, maybe some cap leakage, cleaning up nicely though.
  10. Hello all, Another restore thread (I like following these for other people, so I hope you do too) Picked up a Mac Classic (1) from craigslist for $40 (they were asking $100, but accepted my offer right away, worth it to haggle - untested, dirty, yellow: Had some interesting stickers/post it note (that must have been on there for 20 years, seems "original" and survived all this time lol) You can see too how yellow/dirty/discolored the case is here too. Inside was "ok" lots of dirt in the fan, but just a bit everywhere else.
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