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  1. Filled the entire suburban. I'm only keeping a few, most others will be sold, traded, or parted depending on condition. Went through a few box and just tons of stuff. Daystar 601 card, tons ram, eithernet cards, 2 se boards, few II boards, cache cards, pds cards, video cards. Tons of software. A bit overwhelming. Goal is to find some gems and trade for others. Have some stock for people looking for random parts.
  2. Just unloaded.... A lot to go through, the boxes are filled with cards, ram, motherboards, parts, disks, everything. Will do a quick stock tonight. Got from a dealer/collector who is no longer interested.
  3. If everything works out I plan to put together a few and add some more QoL improvements to the software. Will make a post on where you could get them. Have everything I need to start so will be making that thread soon.
  4. As you noted these solutions are getting more expensive (and more features, better UX, etc) though a few years ago (2016/2018) there were a few Arduino SCSI <-> SD solutions made - even compatible with 68k macs. One even has SCSI Ethernet support though I don't see them mentioned on vintage mac sites such as this one. I do have a SCSI2SDv6 (and soon a RaSCSI) but as all my spinning disks are failing at an alarming rate and v5's seem to be sold out indefinitely - I'm more interested in a cost effective SCSI version that is "just a drive". I am building and have the arduino and
  5. Impressive! I like the idea of the miniature boxes
  6. CD rom driver patches would be another good patch to include.
  7. Whoops, meant to have it wide open, which it is now.
  8. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VzPV8MtS3qOpWC62HtaMCkKF6aeY0b5S?usp=sharing 19.5inx15.5inx20in
  9. I'll charge up the DSLR tonight and measure/photo tomorrow - And first dibs if you want to take it (I'd like the space back too!) Actually it might be neat to have some good photos of the boxes (Plus was my first, and was unfortunately thrown out rather recently)
  10. I do, and oddly enough I was looking at it today wondering what to do with it. I do not have any of the booklets but the packing/outside is pretty good for 30 years old. I would even let you have it if you really wanted it (i'm near st cloud, mn, but come down every few months to the cities). Original boxes(outside of software) are not very interesting to me. I could also take some high res pictures of each side and insides. Let me know.
  11. Nice! I may have to add this board on my next mouser order. Looks like you need an external PSU to power the floppy too, but still great to see 800k getting some attention from a project like this. Would 1.44 mac disks work too? Or are they just read the same as PC disks in FluxEngine?
  12. Not exactly like this - but I was told a broken SE/30 had "$250 worth of gold in it if he recycled it" - so it's an oddly common idea people have. I guess just keep cool - she's going through a tough time/loss in her life and seems to feel like people are out to get her. (which it sounds like you're doing). EDIT: it sound like you're keeping your cool, not out to get her! wording!) I wondered what someone would do with my stash once I'm gone - hopefully my kids each take a few to play some games on, but the nostalgia train will be gone.
  13. At this time... I can not say. But I hope for one more trip in the near future.
  14. Went for an Aaui and scsi cable, came out with this....
  15. Nice! Never head of that before. Will give it a try, seems trivial. One thing I noticed looking at this board is that there are a lot of surface mount resistors/plastics around the caps. I'll need to be very careful when removing the caps with the hot air not to accidentally blow them away/burn them.
  16. Today I picked up an LCIII with a 14" monitor and StyleWriter II. Caps leaking all over but no battery explosion. Always liked the LC series, our school had a bunch.
  17. Why is that? I've the book (though of course old) specifically says to adjust it. Just wondering as I did adjust it
  18. http://www.maccaps.com/MacCaps/Repair_books_files/Mac Classic %26 SE Repair and Upgrade Secrets.pdf See Chapter 9 Location: PP1
  19. Yes, my classic isn't open right now but it's right in the middle of the board - use a plastic or wooden tool to adjust. I had to do this as well on mine after recapping. I think the one of the old books has a photo/location, let me look.
  20. I have no PRAM batteries in any of my 9" macs and all boot fine (sans accurate time - only Mac I know of that is picky about the PRAM battery and booting is the 6100 series. It sounds more like unstable voltage at first glance - do you have a multi meter you can check it with? If you tested the analog board without load it may be unstable with - so check it at the floppy port with load.
  21. Hi all, I found a set of ROM chips - I think they came from a Mac Plus - I vaguely remember (I was probably 5-6 years old) my Dad pulling some ROM chips out and doing some sort of upgrade to our Plus. I know he did upgrade to 2.5mb of RAM, not sure what else. I've also included a photo of the chips currently in the Plus. Quick search on these part numbers didn't turn up much. I recently picked up a 512k, was wondering if they are "Plus" roms, if I could upgrade it potentially. A photo of the current chips in the Mac Plus T
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