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  1. There was a good video just posted with all the details too
  2. Thanks for this - being an amateur myself and learning I'm always happy to see people share work even if it's not perfect. Do you have a photo of it all assembled? I have 2 bad LC PSU's - I might give this a go.
  3. True, I only spent that money for that one pin, though have gotten a few other uses out of it since. Somehow missed the link in the text, thanks!
  4. Great content as always - I had the same issue with the through hole cap on my SE/30 - the way I got it was to use a hot air station and heat up the surrounding area to remove it. What was the 3d bouncing ball on the screen at the end?
  5. I have LED, Berg power, and a few other minor updates done. Though have two questions before I put in the last prototype order: The floppy berg connector - I've seen conflicting #'s on the pitch - 2.5 and 2.54 - someone on discord measured his and it was 2.54 so I'm going with that. I'm having trouble finding the right diodes on Mouser - the ones I've found for through hole are all huge(physically) and rated very high (hence the size) - If someone could help find an appropriate diode I'd appreciate it! It seems when searching for components you can get the wrong filter
  6. Yes it's stand alone, after a few more people test it I'll open a PR for it. For now just give it a spin and see what breaks or could be improved. Open an issue and if you can, fix it
  7. It was - thanks! From my reading/learning that's how I thought it might work but glad to have someone with experience to chat with. If you are a Discord user you should jump on RaSCSI's discords (we talk about all things scsi, scuznet and ardscsino included)
  8. Great! Ya I was testing yesterday with a zip(term enabled) -> apple cdrom -> rascsi (term enabled) and the chain wasn't working. Though in all likelihood your device will usually be the last. Could you explain this a bit more how this works? I'd like to add something similar to arscsino - but pretty new to hardware design. Thanks for the detailed blog post too!
  9. I've added some pre-build system images and utilities image to help bootstrap your RaSCSI experience. They should cover all SCSI Macs, let me know if there's a OS or utility you'd like prebuilt. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/rascsi-68kmla-edition Also I've been working on a new version of the web interface and adding features such as download to iso (eg, give it a Macintosh garden link, it will download the file, create an HFS iso and mount it, easy way to get utilities on your Mac) and a bunch more stuff. https://github.com/erichelgeson/RaSCSI-web
  10. Been AFK with work, home, etc, but plan to get a few of these todo's done this week and likely do one last prototype batch. I have sent out a few prototypes to people to get some feedback.
  11. Very nice! Interesting to use the STM32 - You've probably seen the Arduino scsi thread which also uses a STM32 https://68kmla.org/forums/topic/61045-arduino-scsi-device-work-in-progress/ What I'm struggling with is how to power it reliably - some have mentioned in that thread that their scsi bus for whatever reason does not supply a stable 5v. Also the Mac Plus does not supply term power. Would be interested to know what you're thinking on that point. How are you handling termination enable/disable? Will probably buy one because I cant help myself
  12. Something like this? https://www.amazon.com/Dremel-545D-545-Diamond-Wheel/dp/B00004UDI9 Thanks for the details - my crt neck was already broken when I got the computer. That floppy drive is quite nifty! How did you connect the eject? Can you share a few more details on the ports and how you connected them?
  13. Nice! I have a broken SE/30 tube/case I'm considering doing a project like this too. Can you talk more about how you cut the tube and what exact screen you used? Oddly the videos are not playing for me, can hear them just not see them.
  14. Have you taken out the ROM chips, cleaned and re-seated? That is a common step I've had to do once or twice to get past. Just make sure you check/remember the orientation and the offset.
  15. Working on that now - international shipping will be more of course - I just haven't shipped a lot internationally. Cost will be determined on how I can source all the parts - have a spread sheet and working on it now. This weekend I added a floppy power port (though seems to be some conflicting info on if the pitch is 2.54 or 2.5 - though both would probably work), added activity LED pin out, moved the debug port, re-worked the mounting, made the board 1mm wider to not cut off silk screen. Will be testing a few of the power options before actually placing the orders here on non-TE
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