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  1. But don't overlook the toaster to the right. It may be a flyable one.
  2. @LaPorta you are right, they likely mixed up their problems. FileSaver was indeed a pain, meant as cure for the disk corruption caused by the pathetically unstable Mac OS on early PPC. Disk Doctor was the only Norton tool I used frequently. It saved my disks several times. Eventually the automated file system repair at start up introduced with System 8.0/8.1 (or was it 8.5?) made DiskDoctor mostly obsolete for me. Not only became Mac OS more stable it could repair the damage done by the crashes itself.
  3. The Ars-article mentions that "DiskLight was finally 'fixed' [however not so much if you read further] around version 4". I didn't have problems with it myself but used it only for a short time. My drives always had been reliable and in that era (fin de siècle) not yet so silent that you wouldn't hear disk activity. So, DiskLight didn't provide useful information for me then. But I understand this is totally different with noiseless solid state drives. Anecdote about avoiding additional system stuff: I mostly had lower end (and at least in the early 1990s) memory starved Macs
  4. There was "Norton Disk Light". I think it was a System Extension without interface, but not sure. It displayed a small disk icon in the menu bar near the Apple-symbol (hmm... probably with SCSI-ID?) that flicked as real HD indicators are flickering. It might have been a shareware that was bought out by Symantec. However it seems it have had a bad reputation (see this ArsTechnica post: https://arstechnica.com/civis/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=686143) regarding stability issues. So better leave it out.
  5. I have a Ultra-SCSI-card in my Digital Audio. It's an Adaptec AHA-2930CU Mac-Version. Unfortunately I don't have a cable with the smaller 50-pin plug (or is it 68-pin?) necessary for my card. So I cannot test it with my even older SCSI-devices. Hence my questions about compatibility. I find the situation very confusing. There are contradicting statements from Adaptec about Mac OS compatibility. In one document a compatibility from System 8.0 on is listed and 2 paragraphs later from 8.6. Similar about OS X. There are kernel extensions from 2001 or so. Some support documents cl
  6. Thank you @AndiS for your Linux remarks, very interesting. I'll try to be short, obeying netiquette and not writing too much off topic. Just one thought: I'm annoyed by boastful claims of several Linux-distros how much faster/better they are, when they are just different GUI-flavors over the same (very decent) Debian. Postscript: AndiS, we seem to dwell in about the same corner of Europe.
  7. Hmm. Seems I cannot reproduce the alleged throttling of my PowerBook G4. Today it ran for minutes in saturation (media-rich websites @ 100% processor, so kicking in fans aren't necessarily a sign for bad cooling). Immediately after that Geekbench2 results remained around 800. I observed the presumed throttling with another software setup, having lots of music production/midi-software and Adobe Creative Suite installed. Maybe some of it didn't behave and left processes in the background. @AndiS: NOT-AUSSCHALTEN (emergency shut down) occurred to me only when my 1st gen MacBook's
  8. Thanks, @Byrd , I wasn't aware of the down clocking in G4s. Sub-optimal cooling of my PB? This may well be the case. It didn't receive any hardware treatment at all since new except adding RAM. I had been clearing out dust of several laptops but was never sure I did it right. All survived but I never felt comfortable spinning the fan with a blast of air, inducing current to the fan's circuit. Is there a documented way how to do it right? How are you doing it? Are you also blowing from the exhaust side into the 'Book?
  9. After several attempts my 15" PowerBook (2004, 1.3 GHz, 2 x 512 MB RAM, else completely standard) achieved a Geekbench2-score of 800, well above the 685 listed in Everymac.com. I guess Everymac is publishing averages, so a peak score quite above is nothing extraordinary. After I did some web-browsing with TenFourFox – modern sites with animated ads – hence the fan kicked in – I ran Geekbench2 again and now I barely reached a score of 500. Does this mean that thermal throttling is also available in PPCs? It had been my understanding this was introduced with the Intels. I d
  10. Thank you @johnklos for making this more clear to me. And yes, I still remember buying 70ns RAM for Macs.
  11. My two yoyo-adapters failed both at the cable going into the transparent plug. I never had the jack itself failing. However this may be an issue with cheap slightly undersized plugs of third party PA. Other possibility is you have failing connectors in your PBs. But all three failing? Unlikely. When I fixed the power-cable of my clamshell-iBook's yoyo, I had to slice open the original plug. The instructions I used are gone (or I just cannot find it anymore). But I found an article of how to replace the plug by an standard 3.5mm headphone-style-jack. Nothing else is used in the original
  12. I'm late replying, sorry @johnklos. Translating this to my very limited understanding of RAM: The specific speed of modern DDRn RAM is determined by the RAM-internal time management necessary to bring the data to the in-out-pins [and additionally handling refresh cycles?]. Is this a reasonable interpretation? About my 68882 I bought in 1992: So it may even be rated for higher speeds. I'll look that up when I'm burying it out of the storage boxes pile.
  13. Thank you EvilCapitalist for making this clear. So its pretty simple: Apple's 65 W Power Adapter A1021 works with ... every PowerBook G4, Titanium and Aluminium, all sizes, and every _white_ iBook G3 and G4, also all sizes A word about "under-powering" laptops. Interesting to hear that your laptop will charge but will not power up while charging. I am actually doing something similar at the very moment to a 15" Unibody MacBook Pro. It's on a 60W adapter not the 85 W it came with. This causes rarely problems, but sometimes does. First, if the battery is totally dra
  14. While having simultaneously a dead IDE hard drive and a dead optical would not be totally improbable giving the limited reliability of old electromechanical devices, a dead IDE bus is in fact rare. How does IDE (not) show up in the System Report? Do you find an entry in the left listing? And if there is one, what shows up to the right if you click on it? And just to make sure it's not a software problem: Is the system on the Firewire drive known to work well with IDE?
  15. Thank you Cory5412 and EvilCapitalist. So, the situation regarding the G4 PowerBooks seems mostly clear, they are compatible, and there may be no higher rated PA. The 65W should also be able to power the 17". Do you agree? iBooks are also mostly clear. As an original owner of a "Clamshell" (yes, it actually looks like a "toilet seat") I'm aware of its 3.5mm plug. We also agree upon G4 iBooks: 2.5mm plug and compatible to A1021 PA. However, there is inconsistent information about the white G3. iFixit shows a 2.5mm connector in its instructions for repairing the DC-in boa
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