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  1. my DaynaFILE 1.2MB & 360k, original guide, power supply Elpac, 220V, 45 W + 5V, +12V, -12V Never tested it due to the lack of usable PC floppies Dos Mounter Plus 4.0 app&manual http://macintoshgarden.org/apps/dos-mounter-plus-40 System 6.x - System 7.0 - 7.6 Runs in Mac System 6, where it is likely to be most useful. For systems 7+ which can run Macintosh PC Exchange, its likely to clash with that software and cause problems. Its probably better to use Apple's PC Exchange software only in that case (especially with Systems 7.5 or newer, where PC Exchange is included
  2. my colour classic with presto plus at start up not fast enough to play Quicktime movies
  3. i remember testing Photoshop 0.63 ..... the 0.63 version still works on my G5 quad under classics my apple computers - list
  4. i bought one, end 1991 the only computer powerful enough to handle 3D CAD, auto-generate sections, 3D shapes with color and shadows FPU integrated, lots of memory, AAUI, slots for extra video card, CPU upgrade card configuration (1991): Quadra 700 RGB hi-res monitor Apple Two-Page Monochrome Monitor for backup : 650MB ram disk read/write at speed 1 mainly used for ArchiCAD v3 and Photoshop plotter : Houston DMPL A0 penplotter ( not pictured ) later CPU upgrade Apple Power Mac upgrade card http://lowendmac.com/quadra/power-mac-upgrade-card.html
  5. the Apple IIe enhanced Tower, 65C02, 128K memory Checking system in the ROM : to run the IIe's built in diagnostics power it up, then press control - open apple - closed apple - reset after a while : System OK Duodisk restart the IIe with control-open apple-reset can damage the content of a floppy . my apple computers
  6. main battery : 6 V backup battery : 9 V
  7. Different front The one with the light gray front came with the Apple III plus
  8. make the solder joints clean http://store.curiousinventor.com/guides/how_to_solder/heat_solder'>http://store.curiousinventor.com/guides/how_to_solder/heat_solder http://store.curiousinventor.com/guides/
  9. with the the flash video, after ± 10 minutes with the the flash video, after the next 10 minutes, full screen mode, 30-inch screen nothing to worry about ______________________________________________________________________________ my apple collection .
  10. link to your flash stuff ? so that we can precisely compare
  11. tested the Quad (system 10.4.11, 8GB ram, HDD 2 x 1TB) with a full 3D rendering ( LightWorks ) of a building Activity Monitor all 4 processors fully used, for a while during rendering istatpro if the rpm and temperature of A and B are more or less equal, > good rpm of the A en B pump ± equal, (equal up, equal down) no worry about leaks 30 minutes later, but it's the same as 3 à 4 minutes later i always choose to set the energy system to highest, because the fans are spinning at low rate from the beginning and there are less peaks, temperatures are fa
  12. I have a quad and two 2.7 GHz power mac G5's, working great - Set the energy system to highest - Ad enough ram ( max ram ) - Keep a lot of free space Keep the fans, ram, graphic card,.... dust free, all this is easy to accass And because it's hard to access the power supply, use compressed air to clean as much as possible the power supply
  13. firewire to scsi adapter this one is from belkin, but there are other brands microtech the easy way to transfer content from a SCSI drive to the HD or external firewire drive of a recent os X computer limatation do not drag and drop all the folders at once be patient ______________________________________________________________________________ my apple collection .
  14. Thoughts on (and pics of) the original Macintosh User Manual
  15. i use a 300W step down converter for all my 110V computers
  16. MCmicrocomputer bookcase SE is not a prototype, its commercially available... ______________________________________________________________________________ my apple collection .
  17. keep it going the red tape warns me the power is 110V instead of the european 220V
  18. string theory by After Dark After Dark include Flying Toasters After Dark download search for After Dark (Mac Utilities) ______________________________________________________________________________ my apple collection .
  19. Early Mac Clones Unitron Mac 512 MacColby™ Outbound Systems, Inc. (formally Wallaby Systems) Outbound Wallaby custom maded mac's were common a mac clone (1986) with two floppy drives ITT Xtra case macclone_1 macclone_2 macclone_2
  20. assembled 1986-88 McMobile half the weight of the Mac Plus the parts came from
  21. DynaMac ? dynamacclone Dynamac, a Macintosh clone first true Mac portable 1989
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