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  1. I have a Mac FDHD that runs almost perfect. It’ll boot, run and act normal for the first 5 minutes or so sporting a sharp screen with no burn in whatsoever ever. However, after the computer runs for 5-8 minutes the screen will freeze up. No mouse movement, no key shortcuts, just whatever was in the screen last; frozen. I have swapped the logic board with another and the problem persists. Therefore, this must be on the analog board (which makes sense as it is a video problem) but I'm at a loss as to what to check and/or replace. any help would be appreciated.
  2. @bibilit I did take a look at that chip and it looked good, so I decided to leave it on. As an update to my problem, I needed to run a bunch of prototyping boards and classic recaps through the ultrasonic cleaner yesterday so I also ran this problem board through. It solved my problem and the board is fully functioning now without any speaker issues. Thanks to everyone that tried to help.
  3. I have quite of few of these running on compact Macs now, thanks to Eric for the continued development. Here is a link to the holder I designed for the Mac SE hard drive sled. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4765723 I'm not too good at design, but this seems to work just fine.
  4. @quorten I appreciate the information as I didn't realize the quartz crystal was actually outside of the rtc chip. It is nice to see another Minnesotan on the forum, shoot me a pm as I am interested in your ATTiny85 variant also and would like to talk to you about it more.
  5. Bibilit, Thanks for the reply, I'll take a look at the chip and see what I can figure out when I get a chance. I will update this post once I have a chance to look at it.
  6. I have a Mac SE with the 800k logic board I’ve been working on with a speaker issue. Power it up and no speaker, everything else working great. Check the ohms and I'm good, reflowed solder around speaker pins on logic board; still no help. From what I’ve read there could be a problem on the analog board, it before digging into that I tried another 800k logic board from a different machine that is working just fine. Hooked it up and speaker works just fine. Therefore, I know the problem is with the original 800k logic board. I haven’t found any articles addressing this yet. D
  7. Thanks to everyone for their help with this. The RTC chip looks great on the board with all the legs in tact, also there has not been any battery leakage from the old soldered battery that I removed when I first obtained the Mac. Therefore, it must be a crystal inside the chip that has gone bad. Other than using the above mentioned ATTiny85 replacement that is being developed, it looks like my only other choice is to find a donor board and remove this chip. Unfortunately, I don’t have one. If anyone has a parts board and would like to remove the chip, I’d be happy to pay for t
  8. Thanks, I was unfamiliar with the RTC chip, I’ll check it when I return home next week. The little reading that I’ve done about the RTC is that is was a custom part for Apple and there aren’t any replacement parts available, unless a person can pull one off another board. Does that information sounds correct? I appreciate the hell and will update this once I can take a look at it.
  9. I just ran into something that I haven’t seen yet, any help would be appreciated. Mac SE FDHD, logic board had removable battery type. Not the soldered battery. Running 6.0.8 with a Blue SCSI hard drive. I replaced the battery, no corrosion visible. Cleaned machine and rebooted. Everything normal, except the clock/date will not update. I can change time/date but the seconds do move on the clock, they stay at 00. I could come back three days later and the clock/date will be exactly the same as what I set. Also, all the other settings I may have changed will not f
  10. I have a Mac Classic that I'm working on. I've recapped the logic board, cleaned it up (with ipa) and placed it back in the machine. I now get the "ding", which was missing previously, upon boot up. However, prior to the recap I was looking at a checkerboard pattern screen; now I'm looking at a blank screen with no video. I have not given the board the dishwasher treatment yet., but would assume this the is the next logical step as maybe I dislodged some corrosion around the traces when I was cleaning? I'm sorry if I have left out any pertinent information, thanks for all the h
  11. PotatoFi, this is wonderful. I'm new to the community and just finished my first recap of a Mac Classic Logic Board. It wasn't pretty, but it works! I wish I would have found this thread before venturing down the recap road. Question for all, granted this is a Mac Classic, I don't know if it belongs here. Like I said, recapped the logic board, cleaned it up and placed it back in the original machine. I got the "ding", which was missing previously. However, I was looking a blank screen. The screen prior to the recapping was a checkerboard pattern. I happen to have another
  12. SOLVED. So, after thinking about it some more I started to swap out RAM and found out that I had a bad RAM stick. that was causing this problem.
  13. Hello all, I've read through this post and have a somewhat similar issue. If this doesn’t belong here, I apologize in advance. I’ve AM getting a signal from the analog board to the logic board, as you can see via the picture posted. I now have two Mac Plus computers doing this exact same thing. Here is my original post that I put on Reddit a month ago: Here’s the deal. Macintosh Plus Model M0001A This unit was working just fine, last week. Now when I try to boot (from the system disk), I get the smile face with a black screen around it
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