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  1. Kind of like this ? Microsd-to-sd adapters are cheaper than those SMD microsd sockets, so doing it this way let me validate that I got all the SD card pins correct before potentially wasting a microsd slot on a board design that didn't work. (I actually did the exact thing you mention, too, on a board I got from you; microsd slots hadn't come in the mail yet and I wanted to try out the board so I soldered wires from a microsd-adapter to the pins on the back of the STM32 footprint and then attached it with electrical tape -- still working well a few weeks later!)
  2. I'm using both the UCC5606 and DS21S07A mainly; I think the former is still in production, not sure about the later. If it comes to the worst case, there are many SCSI-2 and Ultra160/360 terminator ICs still in production that that retain SCSI-1/SE compatibility though they are starting to all be shipped as QFN or leadframe. They generally all require at least one capacitor per IC, and then another for decoupling TERMPWR. The UCC56xx family recommends tantalum, and the DS21* require tantalum. The docs for the UCC56xx series say "The 110-Ω termination is used for standard SCSI bus l
  3. I ended up doing the same thing regard to logic or motor power with v1.1 of my board, so I'm glad I'm not the only one. Poring over all the old PowerBook TechNotes and usenet posts makes me *think* that some powerbooks turn motor power on an off to make the drive sleep but I can't find any place where its explicitly stated and what models it might apply to. The motor *should* be switched on/off using the "START/STOP UNIT" SCSI command, but since the drive in my PB145 lacks the "NO SPIN UP" pin as well, it makes me think that feature is not always implemented. I like what you've do
  4. I've been really excited about this project, and wanted to use it in my PowerBooks but I prefer to have my microcontrollers be removable from the boards (for troubleshooting, etc) so that ruled out using the board with the SCSI2SD powerbook adapter board as above since there would be no space for male/female headers on the Blue Pill. I opted to draw up a new carrier board instead and connect to the 40-pin connector directly. I riffed on Eric H's original design and managed to get something that fits in the original hard drive space and still lets me have the STM32 module be removab
  5. The PB1400 was my first Mac, so this post has a warm spot in my heart <3! Was this a preventative/preemptive recap? I can't see any leakage in the pictures so was it a case of "not if but WHEN they'll leak"?
  6. First post here, so may as well make it a good one : If anyone needs it, I just extracted and uploaded v4.3 of the rom for the PowerDomain AHA-2930cu to the internet archive: https://archive.org/details/adaptec-powerdomain-aha-2930cu-mac-rom-v4.3 I have a couple of the cards with older versions of the rom (v4.0) but they would not properly work on my newer PowerMac G4s without a rom upgrade, but adaptec stopped offering replacement roms over 15 years ago and they don't make it available for download. I ended up finding one for sale with the correct version, and I've use
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