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  1. Seems to be working for me (at least the main page..).
  2. That is why, whenever I find a bad chip, I always replace 2 more, just so the one that fixed it wasn't the last one I tried. ... Sorry.. Couldn't help it.. ;-) Great find!!!! Love reading these threads!
  3. I have gotten my cap kits from Console5, although that is in the US...
  4. Have you booted from a floppy or to the ROM (Command-Option-X-O on boot) and tried the sound? Just to make sure it's not a software glitch? Otherwise, cleaning/recap seems to be a good step...
  5. Yep, HFVExplorer works with my USB floppy drive directly in Win10. It didn't at first. I could hear the drive spin as it loaded, so I thought it was checking. But only showed it blank. Even if I tried to reload the disk. It showed A:, but always showed it empty. I went into the Options menu and found a setting about floppy checking at start time. Weird, because I thought it was, but I enabled it. Restarted... There are my files. I also fired up Basilisk II and yep, it can read the floppy directly also. (I have to do the (ctrl-shift-F11) to get it to see it.)
  6. I am doing something similar... For some reason, I didn't think of using the floppy directly in HFVExplorer. I've just been taking the disk image I am using in mini vMac and writing that image to a USB floppy. Currenty, my USB floppy drive (I got it cheap on e-bay) doesn't work in Windows 10 as a floppy. (if I put a formatted FAT disk in there, Windows won't see it.) But it works fine for me to write images to... (Which is all I really got it for anyway.) I'll try it in HFVExplorer with a Mac formatted floppy and see what it does. Sometimes, I don't n
  7. Nice... And it does look tempting, but 91 pieces and some really small SMD... I'm not there yet... ;-( (Even tho that little voice inside my head is telling me to go for it.. But he's the same voice that told me there was no way VHS would win and I should buy Beta, so I don't generally listen to him anymore..)
  8. Thanx!!! I didn't see any nice prepacked CAP kits for the power supply..
  9. Same now (I just joined, so not sure if it was changed in the mean time). Perhaps if this is the plan moving forward, someone could change the link in the Wiki Forum. It currently says (and I tried it several times and thought the Wiki must just be down.. It was a while later that I realized that the wiki is up, as long as I don't use that link. ) : 68kMLA Wiki Follow0 The creation and maintenance of the 68kMLA's information repository. http://68kmla.org/wiki/
  10. Well, after my experience with my Mac Classic, where I opened it up to check the battery and found CAP corrosion, I knew it was time to check the IIsi. As I mentioned in the other thread, there was some damage on one of the pads under a CAP on the Classic, but it appears to have cleaned up nicely and I was still able to solder on the new CAP and it is working. Whew. So I got nervous about my IIsi. That, and the pics/videos of exploding batteries had me freaked out. So I opened it up. Good news is that the battery didn't explode and doesn't even look to have leaked. I did
  11. I don't have an SE/30, much less one with an accelerator so this thread doesn't apply to me... That said, reading this thread makes me very happy!! Great work!!!! Even tho it doesn't apply to me and.... <thinks about the IIsi I am getting ready to order CAPs for...> ...um.... Well, if it applies to me or not, still great work and a great thread! I love reading about successful repairs and the finding and acquisition of those chips!!! Congrats...
  12. Yes, strange times indeed.... Hopefully it has 2M. That's what mine had. I have heard the only thing to look for memory wise is that it has at least 2M. If it has 1M, then it doesn't have the RAM expansion card (where you can add the other 2M) and those are hard to find by themselves. Luckily, 30 pin SIMMs aren't too hard to find nowadays... Good luck! Also, I have the hardest time opening mine. It REALLY doesn't want to let go at the top. Eventually it does, but .. it doesn't make it easy.
  13. I just recapped my Classic. I wasn't seeing the Simasimac, but when I opened my Classic to check my battery (which was fine, but I still replaced it), I thought I saw some cap leakage. When I removed the caps, one of them had some significant corrosion under it that I hadn't noticed before, and it had damaged the pad a bit. Luckily not so much that it didn't work after recapping. The other item I had was that after recapping, the Classic was acting up a bit, so I really cleaned the motherboard well. After that, it's been stable. (knocking on wood) So for now, I
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