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  1. Wicked find! I've missed out on two full page displays (Apple Portraits) in my area already and I'm kicking myself every time...
  2. dan.dem, thanks for the tips on separating the cable and that the Apple ones were better. Where do you see 3x the tariffs? On your end? Actually, our agreements with the EU and with the UK are in fact better and stronger than the recently remade NAFTA one with the Americans. However, AFAIK, I'll pay no duties on any power adapter from the EU, UK or USA. It's all shipping fees on small change items like this one. I might get dinged on our 5% GST if the item is >$200 CDN. In case others find this useful - We have 1/10th the population of the states and these items
  3. @EvilCapitalist sorry for the very late reply. I might just take you up on that offer. I'm looking for at least one good power supply that I can trust, Apple branded even, because I would like to flip the other two G3s. I really don't need that many! @dan.dem Yeah, I've looked locally in Canada for an Apple original yo-yo. Out here on the prairies they are now very rare. Most of the vintage stuff I don't find by complete luck I get from the States off eBay or similar.
  4. I've got 3 G3 powerbooks (wallstreet, lombard, pismo) that I can't use because I don't have a decent adapter for them. I picked up a yo-yo but then found out later it's the second gen type, with the smaller connector. The other supplies I have all don't work or work only if i wiggle the cables or twist them in weird ways. They are also all third party and likely nowhere near as good as the originals. I hesitate to order any more from eBay (Apple or 3rd party) not knowing if they will solve my problem permanently. They can be quite expensive to get here in Canada, as the shipping and currency c
  5. Nice! What do you plan to do with it? I have one also I picked up locally. I have a lot of older Macs... I like that it's so compact. I'd almost prefer a Cube, but this one seems like it would faster and even more compact.
  6. Confirm this is a QuadDoubler 50/100. I have this in my 660AV, which the previous owner bought for it. I have the original box, docs, and original CPU which the owner provided when I acquired it. It's fully compatible with the 660AV as a drop in replacement, no software update needed.
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