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  1. One warning though: the 128MB SIMM is much taller than the 4MB SIMM it replaced (in my machine at least). I've attached some more photos for reference. The taller SIMM didn't interfere with anything in my Performa, but if you've modded yours, you might want to be careful.
  2. Most of what you read online will tell you that the max RAM of a Performa 630 series Mac is 36MB - four on-board, and a 32MB SIMM in the expansion slot. It turns out, that's not true. I read somewhere that hinted that 64MB and 128MB 72-pin FPM SIMMs would work in a Performa 630 series Mac. So I figured I'd take a gamble and try it out. I bought a single 128MB SIMM on eBay, just got it and installed it, and low and behold, it works! Fantastic! Now I have 132MB of RAM in what was supposed to be a machine capped at 36MB of RAM. In case you're interested in getting the same one I did
  3. Thanks Fizzbinn! I appreciate the reply. I will try sizing down the partition to 2GB and see how that goes. I was starting with System 7.1 then going up to 7.5.5, so 2GB is probably the limit. Strange that it worked for a while though.
  4. Anyone? I'm from the PC world, where BIOS settings do most of what the PRAM does. But to be honest I don't know what the PRAM does or doesn't do, which is why I'm asking. I thought the drive initialization only formatted/partitioned the drive, maybe wrote a boot sector. So how would losing PRAM settings cause the drive not to be recognized every reboot? That's not normal at all, is it?
  5. I thought my Performa 630CD had a bad IDE HDD. So I put an IDE-to-SDCARD unit in, but the Performa wouldn't recognize the drive. I found an old 160GB IDE drive lying around, and popped that in. It seemed to work fine. I even copied over about 9GB of data to it from my SCSI2SD unit. I used the Startup control panel to set the IDE drive as the new boot drive and powered it off - removed the SCSI2SD - but when I rebooted, it was like the IDE HDD wasn't even there. I reconnected the SCSI2SD and booted, and the Performa is asking to initialize the IDE HDD again. It's like it lost the drive initiali
  6. Thanks! I'd seen that option under the SCSI2SD tool, but really wasn't sure how to configure the sector size/count settings. Then I discovered a sweet new feature of my 2020 version of v6 of the SCSI2SD: you can plug the USB connection into a newer Mac and it will mount all of the SCSI drive images as drives and you can copy files over directly! This is what I've really been wanting to do all along. I've got a double-sneaker-net process going on right now. Internet -> Modern Win10 PC -> USB stick -> Mac Mini (running OSX 10.5.8) -> SCSI2SD via USB cable ->
  7. Very interesting! I'll check prices on 64MB and 128MB SIMMs. It might be worth giving it a shot if the ram is cheap.
  8. 64 pads, so I guess it's for a ROM. I wonder where the rumor began that you could expand the RAM to 68MB this way...? Oh well. I guess that makes it even cheaper for me to upgrade mine to max! $11 for one 32MB SIMM!
  9. I've read a couple places that mention in passing that if you wanted to expand the RAM capacity on a Performa 63x series logic board, you could simply solder on a second SIMM socket and populate it with another 32MB SIMM. Sure enough, looking at the logic board, there's a spot for the socket and pads for the connections... Do we know if it actually works? Has anyone here tried it?
  10. Holy Mackerel!!! (Or is that Holy Mac-erel!!?) Anyway, this is a fantastic feat of re-engineering. I can't wait to see all you do with it! Imagine a 1:4 scale SE/30 sitting on your desk, with USB ports for modern mouse and keyboard, and an HDMI or Display Port for video out. Similar to the mini C-64's and other minis of that ilk, but not be an emulator. How cool would that be?!!!?
  11. I've gotta say that I really like this Performa. There's so many things about it that make it nicer/easier than dealing with the compact Macs. It's faster - by a nice margin. It's so much easier to deal with than the compact Macs as far as getting files on/off of it. That CDROM drive makes a world of difference! And the NUBUS network cards are still pretty cheap. Especially when you compare them to the PDS cards - it's like a factor of 5 or 10 times the price, if you can find one. And I love being able to plug it into a VGA-to-HDMI adapter and use it on my normal monitors and TVs. A 9" screen
  12. Not yet. But as soon as mine gets delivered, I will test it out and post here if it works. I'll be using the one from StarTech.com
  13. I just picked up a Performa 630CD. It's in great condition, but the HDD failed about an hour into using it. I had a generic SD-to-IDE device lying around. So I hooked it up to see if it would just work. Well, the Performa sees the device on the ATA channel, but it won't initialize it. When I try, using Drive Setup v1.7.3 (from the Legacy Recovery CD), it starts the initialization, then comes back after a second or two saying "initialization failed". I've tried various partition sizes, various SD card sizes, even making sure that none of the partitions are bigger than 2GB. Heck, I even tried a
  14. I'm glad you said that. I've had some weird issues with the Legacy Restore images too. I just thought I was screwing up something else. LOL
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