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  1. I couldn't find the original 9.0.4 discs, so I opted to use what I had. It's a fantastic machine for running 9.x! Like you, I opted for the 450 vs 500 since I couldn't justify the extra expense. I was able to buy the Dual 450 with money from a home insurance claim - my previous Mac - the PowerTower 180e was the victim of a lightning strike.
  2. The G4/ Dual 450 was my first desktop Mac. I've had it since I purchased it new in 2000. It came with macOS 9.2.1, if memory serves me - it was the first machine that I installed the very first official Mac OS X system software. I couldn't bring myself to get rid of this beautiful machine, but it has been sitting idle for at least ten years. A few weeks ago, I opened up the machine to thoroughly clean it. It was filled with dust bunnies. One of its internal drives was making the dreaded clicking sound. Another internal drive had Mac OS Leopard on one partition and Mac OS Tiger on
  3. Sorry for your loss, @NathanHill - if you haven't already done so, check out the YT channel Branhus Creations. Bruce specializes in re-capping old Macs and has some handy instructional guides that will help you out. Also check out fellow forum member @JDW's excellent YT channel. He has a very detailed, methodical approach as well. I've learned a ton from watching both channels. They gave me the confidence to embark on recapping my own Mac SE FDHD.
  4. Chiming in since I just installed more RAM in my Mac SE/30... 64MB of RAM (4 16 MB SIMMS) in Bank A worked, but I also had to have memory in Bank B, so I loaded it up with four 2MB SIMMS. The Mac recognizes the extra memory but I don't have the option to enable Mode32 (perhaps its an extension?) in the Memory Control panel. (I’m running System 7.5.5). RAM was ordered from MacSales. I initially tried having Bank A with the 8MB and Bank B with 64MB - but that did not work for me. Notably, there was a clearance issue with the larger SIMMM modules when putting them in Bank B. They woul
  5. So, here's what seemed to work. Original ROM with 4 16MB SIMMS in Bank A, and 4 2MB SIMMS in Bank B. Got the beautiful bong when it turned on. I'm returning the ROMinator II and will seek out the Mode32 extension.
  6. Okay, with the original ROM and 4MB of the original RAM in Bank A, I'm getting a BONG and no stripes. Now to switch the original ROM with the ROMinator to see if that works.
  7. I plan to put back the original RAM and ROM and see if that works. A recap is definitely something I plan to do (parts ordered) as well. Thanks @techknight - yeah, I'm finding out that could be the case here but I have to rule out all possibilities first.
  8. Based on the board, do you think that the caps need to be replaced?
  9. Thanks! I did read that earlier when I was troubleshooting. I'll give the rubber band method a try.
  10. The OWC 16MB RAM seems to be taller than the stock 1MB RAM modules, which is causing a slight clearance issue when placing the logic board inside the chassis. Is this something you encountered with your 16MB modules?
  11. Good to know @ttb. Thanks! I'll give the RAM swap a try. Here's hoping.
  12. I'll give that a try. Most concerning to me is that with no RAM in any of the slots (only the ROM), the Mac displays the same zebra stripe pattern.
  13. I haven't cleaned it. When I received the Mac a few months ago, and inspected the board - it looked clean. I'm not sure what the blob between C9 and C10 is - I used a toothbrush and some IPA on it and it seemed to diminish (not totally gone though). Putting the original ROM after testing the ROMinator resulted in the same simasimac pattern. I've ordered some new capacitors (tantalum and electrolytic) with the intent of replacing the ones that are already on the board.
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