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  1. This is awesome thanks for sharing, with your photos I may be able to rebuild my battery too.
  2. @ants sorry to update but it isn't working properly still - it only connects at home, but anywhere else, work, phone hotspot etc it doesn't. The wifi menu on the apple side seems to operate properly, it scans networks and allows me to select a network and input a password, it shows 'connected' but then I cannot access any internet. The mac can ping the router but unfortunately I can't SSH into the router from the Mac side due to its outdated SSH client. I might need to go back to the drawing board... are you sure that yours connects to different wifi networks?
  3. Are you sure the battery terminals haven't been eaten away by the acid? They look very green.
  4. I got it from mouser, if I find the part number I'll let you know. To be honest it's probably not a sufficient connector replacement but the dimensions are quite similar. I didn't rebuild the battery but in its space I fitted an AC wireless adaptor and installed Macwifi so it can connect to modern wireless internet instead. By the way I think you will most likely need to recap the power section like I did, the battery acid is underneath the originals, so if you don't replace them the machine will rot away.
  5. Your photo of the battery pins shows a lot of corrosion, make sure to give it a good wash in lemon juice and white vinegar. Check my 190 restore thread to see what I did:
  6. I had a search on the internet but can't seem to find any topics on this. Although the panel in the 17'' powerbook is ok, I think it is only TN and the contrast ratio isn't too great. I'm wondering if the part is replaceable with a more modern IPS display, does anyone know? Thanks
  7. Hey guys, In my previous thread I heavily modded my G4 Cube and sprayed it copper. I wasn't keen on the copper so today re-sprayed it gunmetal grey. After spraying the case, since I had the internals of the Cube out I decided to route the USB sound card internally, remove the outside interrupt/reset buttons and replace them with RCA jacks... which fit perfectly. FYI I haven't lost the buttons, I just mounted them inside near the graphics card, but I don't think I've ever had to use them to be honest.
  8. I found a site here that has some images you could try: http://www.savagetaylor.com/2018/01/05/setting-up-your-vintage-classic-68k-macintosh-using-a-scsi2sd-adapter/ I am not an expert on Macs to be honest, my _only_ experience with vintage Macs has been restoring this machine and an 840av recently. If I were asked to install the OS from scratch again I would be scratching my head as I remember there quite a few loops to jump through. Luckily with this machine it came with a fully installed stock version of 8.1 that I simply imaged to my CF card. I personally would advise *against*
  9. @ants I'm wondering if your extension could be ported to OS X? I have a similar setup on my G4 cube which uses an internal wifi travel router, but being able to select network etc would be bliss. ps - there is a small bug in the extension (I think?) when trying to shutdown the Mac it will say 'Cannot shut down due to open apps' the first time, then when I press shutdown a second time it works. I am pretty sure it's the extension causing this behavior.
  10. @cheesestraws I am so sorry, I don't know why but for some reason I didn't see any notifications for the thread! Thank you so much for making this, absolutely appreciated!
  11. Hi @ants I got it working, this is how: 1. did a full reset of the router, holding reset for 10 seconds. 2. Once connected, plugged into my main pc with ethernet and went to 3. Set my password etc, then entered the main screen --- this is where I did something different --- 4. At the bottom where it says 'Repeater' I clicked 'Scan networks' 5. I clicked the drop-down list and selected my local wifi, connected 6. Tested connectivity on my pc, works, no problems 7. ssh into the mini router to install JsonRpc --- unplug from ma
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