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  1. Good thought on the Psion. They're era-appropriate and also really nice little machines. That archive has Psion Link in it, which IIRC works from 6.something up...
  2. I have that, and also Inside Appletalk. Fortunately in this case there's an existing driver, none needs to be written.
  3. Nope. Each vendor basically did their own thing. @saybur reverse-engineered the NuovoLink protocol, though, and that work has been what people are building on top of.
  4. From memory, @Bolle has reproduced the neckboard/wiring stuff for the Xceed, and might have some insight on why it's different from the stock one. (If it wasn't you, sorry)
  5. I have one, it's nice. My first impressions are here:
  6. I do not have any of this information, but would also like to have a copy if anyone else has it.
  7. For reliability, you are likely right that it will be better; and I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work, so long as you're not expecting a speedup .
  8. A 10mbit hub is a very useful thing to have around for connecting old computers with. That looks like a reasonable price to me, too, so yeah, that might be a good plan.
  9. Wow, yes, that must be. Someone rushed to get that released .
  10. OK, that's really cool. I like that.
  11. I think it's mostly the physics of it: the cheaper ones tend to be big rigid things and these will put more strain on the connector on the powerbook, because they'll create a moment around it. The Apple ones tend to be smaller, and the better ones are flexible / cables. So you're much less likely to break something by sheer physics, if that makes sense.
  12. Well done! I'm lagging significantly behind you, I fear... but most of mine is done too, so I will hopefully join you in checkerboard land shortly
  13. You will get very heavily bottlenecked by the SCSI connection in this case. SCSI-1 is not fast, so do not expect too much...
  14. That sounds about the right date. As I noted above, the 10BaseT standard (that autonegotiation relies on) wasn't finished/published until the end of 1990, so I would expect things from before that time not to work very well with modern equipment. The thing that means you don't have to worry about straight/crossover is called Auto-MDIX, and it works by basically rearranging the pinout of the Ethernet jack on the fly until it finds something that works. You're right that this didn't become ubiquitous until Gigabit, but a reasonably decent reasonably modern 100mbit switch
  15. Does one of them have the TX-RX pins crossed over and one not? That would account for the original working to the mbp with a terminal program but not to a printer...
  16. 'Wherefore' means 'why', not 'where'. In the famous scene in R&J, Juliet is noting with despair that if Romeo had any other name, none of the disaster would be happening, hence 'wherefore art thou Romeo' (as opposed to someone else who wouldn't matter)
  17. No, quite. Thanks for corroboration.
  18. Oh, I forgot that people who have been around in a group for a long time can't possibly be rude or misbehave. How remiss of me for insufficiently respecting my elders.
  19. I'm not convinced that enquiring forcefully about someone's employment or hiring on the Internet is either polite or good behaviour. This post comes across as aggressive, and if I were on the receiving end of it, it would make me extremely disinclined to give you any information at all.
  20. What version of the firmware do you have? I can check what I have when I get home, but I have no idea how to extract it from the device...
  21. Citric acid ought to do it. Distilled vinegar is also a good option. Either way, you need to make sure to rinse and dry it properly, though...
  22. I don't know anything about the 6100, I'm afraid, I just know what that chip is in earlier Macs. @bibilit might be able to help.
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