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  1. Nicely done! Are you going to make the files for this available at all? I know of other Q605s this might save...
  2. FWIW, for another platform I'm interested in (Acorn) that very widely used Varta batteries, it's Varta that has a filthy reputation. So I suspect you are right.
  3. Those images all seem to be broken for me?
  4. I hereby propose that this goal should be referred to as "nedryspec"
  5. @BacioiuC is building a dungeon-crawler engine for 68k macs when he's not in the middle of moving house. It's looking good so far...
  6. Yes, but there is an inverter on the AB that the video passes through before it hits the amplifier. I doubt this is the culprit here, but it's not just a straight-through from the logic board to the video board.
  7. Yup, this is good work, and I'm very glad you're doing it.
  8. It did. They hadn't, IIRC . It was one of those posts that begins 'I think I've done something very silly'. But my memory may be faulty!
  9. I think this thread has become "ask a silly question, get a whole series of other silly questions that also seem to need answers"
  10. I believe so? I remember someone here posting they'd blown one up that had apparently been set that way from the factory
  11. This is even more complicated, though, because there was an international 120V AB as opposed to the US one... I'm starting to get the "what have I started" feeling about this discussion
  12. Apparently they did, the centre for computing history has one. Must just be a gap in my experience, then. Odd. They still said 120V on the back of the case, for starters .
  13. Did these (128k Macs with 230V ABs) exist from the factory? I've seen 120V ones and ones that have had a 230V board put in, and I assume stock existed (?), but I don't think I've personally seen one that has a 230V AB from factory.
  14. This is information worth knowing, thanks—I was assuming I'd have to get a 15L one for SE boards, for reasons that now completely escape me
  15. Where are you? It's likely someone here can pop one in the post to you.
  16. This is exactly the leaflet I got with mine, then subsequently lost, as I knew I was going to. Thankyou for posting. I especially love the optimistic little "we can build adapters to your specifications, contact us now!" note on an adapter that doesn't even have a company name on it, let alone any address or contact details. I'm guessing that advert didn't work particularly well.
  17. You act like this and then in the same breath wonder why people don't take you seriously or want to collaborate with you. After your rather ludicrous exhibition you have made of yourself, I wouldn't be surprised if other doors shut on you, too. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but working with people actually does involve working with people, treating them like human beings and not going off like some crazy firework rocket at every perceived slight. This isn't unique to retrocomputing. The number of times at work someone has ignored something I've said and that resulted in a
  18. As Billie Holliday didn't say, Fish gotta swim, trolls gotta troll It's not even a good shitpost.
  19. I was mostly being facetious for the fun of it, but thankyou I consider my bluff thoroughly called. This is nifty.
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