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  1. Hi guys, Looking around on a local website I found what looks to be a black Performa 450. I can't find anything on a machine like this, but it doesn't look like the color was a job done by one of it's previous owners, so it obviously has to be factory spec in some way. Does anyone know anything on a machine like this?
  2. I know that I need a bigger ROM for the original mac ROM, but on the website are three modded roms which will fit on the original ROM chip, it's just that I'm not sure which one I need to flash.
  3. Hi guys, I have this XFX 7800gs 256mb AGP which I want to flash to make it work in my 1.25ghz DP MDD. It has the correct chip revision, but it is quite an obscure card and I have never seen anybody else mention it. Can I just use one of the modded roms from The Mac Elite?
  4. Right. I may have done something incredibly stupid. After inserting an usb thumbdrive into my imac g4, it crashed. It wouldn't bong after that, so I thought, why not press the PMU reset button. Which I did. Twice. Once about 20 seconds, because I didn't know what the results coud be. It now will only spin its fan. The PRAM battery is long dead, and I haven't replaced it yet, don't know if this is somekind of issue, but even without it inserted it wouldn't work. I have also tried changing the ram. Still nothing. Does anyone have any idea on what to do? Macman0512
  5. Hi, I just bought a slightly parted out imac g4 online. It was missing a PSU, drive cage and heatsink. I have aquired these items, but now I need the screws to mount them. I have sourced most of them, but I still need the long ones which are used to mount the dome to the bottom case, and the ones used to mount the logic board. I was wondering if anyone could give me the sizes of these screws. Macman0512
  6. Hi guys, A couple weeks ago I bought a powerbook 3400c. The only problems it had? A couple bad capacitors, which I can fix I think, and the plastics that were completely desintegrating in my hands. The palmrest had broke in two, and the screen hinge standoffs had snapped off so badly that there were three gaping holes in the bottom of the laptop. Did I also mention that the bottom case broke in half when I opened it up? So, anyways, I was wondering if you guys had some ideas on how to either fix this, or build your own case. Thanks for any help you guys can give,
  7. Hi guys, A few weeks ago I bought a damaged ibook g3 clamshell tangerine. The display was wrecked and it had cracks in the back of the display housing. The seller did provide a new screen, plus an appropriate lvds-cable, because the display he gave me was an IBM display an the display in the ibook was a samsung display. The thing is, I installed the display and tried to power up the machine with a powerbook g3 lombard adapter I had lying around, but other than that the hard drive was making noise, the machine seemed completely dead. No bong, although the speaker might be dead, and no d
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