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  1. I’ve swapped the ROM chips and it boots now but where do I find ROM chips that I can buy for this Mac? I’ve looked on eBay and have found some that look fairly sketchy and would prefer some that are of the same type or that someone can vouch for.
  2. I had a good look through the “Sad Mac” error codes web page and couldn’t decipher the code. On startup every time I get a 01C000 code and I have no drive drive activity despite having a good boot disk (verified on another machine) if anyone can tell me what this means that would be great! Thanks.
  3. @joshc the screen size issue is due to the variable inductor’s ferrite rod being shattered. I need to order a part for that. The caps on the look to be in amazing condition but that’s not always a good way to tell if it’s good or not. I really would like a good schematic that I can follow to diagnose the board completely otherwise it’s going to be very hard for me to follow.
  4. I took some measurements off of the connector to the HDD and all voltages are spot on.
  5. While I was waiting for a response I did some probing on some display lines and I saw voltage fluctuating but then it just stopped? It must me a power supply issue and now that it’s not acting up I don’t know where to follow. If anyone has any ideas let me know.
  6. Recently my friend has bought himself a Macintosh classic. It’s in amazing condition the only problem is that he decided to replace the capacitors on the digital board himself. Whilst doing this he ruined a few traces and did a terrible job of soldering. After he had done this and run into some issues he gave it to me as he no longer wanted to keep it. I would say this computer looks “out of the box” new but for the issue that the screen wasn’t working. I took it apart and fixed most of the issues that I found apparent and tried again and as luck would have it, it now chimes and displays a scr
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