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  1. Of course, there is also the thriving community at MC68000.org catering for the 68k crowd. Therefore, we might as well just close the forums here down completely. Oh wait... ]'>
  2. A week or so. Full details are here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=13277
  3. I have been notified that the board is not sending e-mails currently. I am looking into this, please bear with me. Edit: Should be working now!
  4. The move has been made, and everything should be back up here. As always, please report any problems to me! Edit: Oh, if you're having problems staying logged on, you might need to clear any cookies from 68kmla.net and 68kmla.org (to be safe).
  5. Just an update on this folks... The Wiki has been moved over to the new host already and is now active at http://68kmla.org/wiki/. Please report any problems/bugs to me. The new server is using lighthttpd instead of Apache, so there could be some unexpected problems. I will probably move the forums over tomorrow or the next day, once I've got the themes ported over. I hope to keep downtime to a minimum, since the DNS has already been changed over it should just be a matter of a DB copy and a few bits and pieces of tidying. So, maybe an hour or two of actual downtime. Of course, there c
  6. I'm not sure when those two dropped of the first page. Must have been when I was rearranging things last time new smilies were added in. They've been restored to their rightful place(s) now
  7. It's not an April fools joke (just unfortunate timing on my part). Basically we're moving the forums over to a new server, so the DNS records on all the domains need updated to reflect the new name servers. Unfortunately, cinemafia has gone a little AWOL, so we can't get the DNS record for 68kmla.net updated. Therefore, we're going to change over to 68kmla.org since we have control over that domain. Edit: Cory got there first...
  8. At some point over the month or two, the forums are going to move from their current home at http://68kmla.org/ to a brand spankin' new server and (not so new) web address at http://68kmla.org/. We don't expect the actual downtime to be more than 24 hours, but due to DNS caching issues it could take longer in some parts of the world. The .net domain will continue to point at the forums right up until the changeover takes place. The .org currently points here too, but it's likely that it will be taken down at some point before the changeover happens to allow pre-setup to happen on the new serve
  9. As a correction to Cory's post, the edit limit is currently one hour.
  10. They've been added. I've cut down the list shown on the posting page a little bit (to tidy things up), so those (and a few of the older ones) can be added by clicking the "View more smilies" text.
  11. They appear to be saved as resource fork icons, which makes extracting them a bit of a pain. This method seems to work: Get info on the file in the Finder. Click on the icon in the upper left corner and copy. Open Preview. Select "New From Clipboard" from the file menu. Save as a PNG. Voila! Pasting into Photoshop seems to disregard the transparency. I'm sure an Applescript could be set up to do it automagically, but it's not hugely time consuming to do it by hand.
  12. I guess you could call it an experiment...
  13. The permissions problem should be fixed now. It was a problem on the forum side, rather than the wiki side...
  14. The install of phpBB we're using here is completely stock, aside from some tweaks to the templates. We're using reCAPTCHA on the registration page (which is an option as of 3.0.6, but there is a modification for 2.0.x that adds it) which seems to keep a lot of spammers at bay. We do get the occasional account posting spam, but their accounts tend to get deleted pretty quickly. We also do a bi-monthly (ish) purge of all zero-posting accounts to help rid the spam-sleeper accounts. That is probably worth doing, though there's not an ACP tool to do it with 2.0.x. You can run a SQL query to do it e
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