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  1. So I took some pictures, but forgot to take some along the way. It jumps around a little, and that's why. I know most are anxious to find out more about the 128s, but I want to get the Classic out of the way mainly so I can test my Retrobrite solution, and to calm my nerves about CRTs and discharging them (over came that fear, finally). Proud moment here! Analog Board is out. CRT removed and set aside. The most nerve racking part is over, and the fun can begin! Yikes! (And not the G4 kind) Some sort of leakage on the analog board. It's corrod
  2. It’s hotter and dryer, but not terrible. It depends on what part of CA. Coming from the Inland Empire, it’s a little hotter in the summer, but a little colder in the winter. It got up to 122 in June, while I think San Bernardino area reached a high of... like 110 in that time? Once you get above 110 it’s hard to notice the difference. There are more days above 100, but the humidity (or lack thereof) makes it more tolerable. The sun is more intense. Really the only exposure you get is running from the car into the AC. Also, during the summer, it never cools down at night by more than 10-15
  3. Well I’m taking a year off right now, A ) to gather my bearings and B ) to qualify for in-state tuition costs. The plan currently is to get a BS in Computer Science hardware. Plus, Phoenix is sorta becoming a satellite-Silicon Valley. Google, Intel and many other companies now have satellite HQs here. Intel just reopened their chip fab in Chandler, so I have great hopes to get in there. Ultimately, moving back to California is always in the cards, but Phoenix is ever growing business-wise and has way lower cost of living. (Plus the sunsets are second to none)
  4. Alrighty! Here are some quick images I took on my iPhone. (Left to Right: Classic, Working 128k, Dead 128k with RAM and SCSI upgrades). The laundry basket in the back in full of extras I picked up, like an external diskette drive (looks to be from a IIgs), keyboards (including another ADB Adjustable), and other misc add ons. Also came with an aftermarket bag for the compacts that bears a rainbow Apple. (More pics coming later). The System diskettes are the most exciting for me as I never owned a set. My 512ke and Plus never came with them. CC! Good to hear from you too! And
  5. Ahh that’s the kicker about my NOS 128k board, they’re already bad! I’ve never undertaken a solder job that large and tedious before, and never messed with surface mount. That is kinda half the reason I got the Classic too, because I know they’re notorious for bad caps and it’s a good test bed before moving on to 128k anything.
  6. Hey olePigeon! Long time no talk haha. I didn’t realize you were here in Arizona too. Sorry for beating you to the punch! No tar or smoke reside, luckily (unlike my Cube had). I’m letting the machines sit long enough to make sure the bleeder caps do their job but I’ve never touched a CRT before and want to be extra cautious. Also, I forgot to put that I got a Plus keyboard with the lot but a key cap is broken off. Looks like the switch is intact but the key is busted. Awaiting further inspection.
  7. I know, it's been 1, 2, 3, no no, FOREVER since I made a post. But I had to make one about my recent conquest. Today I drove almost 2 hours to pick up a machine I've always wanted: a 128k. I got lucky and found not one, but two from the same seller! He had a lot listed for sale (including a load of floppies and a LaserWriter, but I was limited on space). He even had the original boot disks! We were able to agree on a price for the lot, or more exactly 'what ever I could take'. The Macs are in a bit worse shape then I was hoping, but I've dealt with worse (plus, the damage is more than reasonab
  8. Which white device? Also, is that iPod touch running the testing firmware or a full version of iOS?
  9. Where were they hidden? I've been looking high and low. How could I have missed those?
  10. Yeah thats true. It probably is the FDD card.
  11. Some form of Serial Networking TMK. Cisco used DB-37 for some networking equipment. Update: Yeah. RS449 networking would be my guess.
  12. Thanks to Unknown_K I got the software. The program is very finicky though. It seems to actually sense that it is not the original Radius disk, so I finally just drug the extensions into the Extensions folder. Is there any app for 7.0 to make sure it is completely functional and the computer is using the 020 and co-processor?
  13. When I got the SE in today it needed cleaning. Got it all cleaned up and this is a close up: [attachment=0]DSC00505.jpg[/attachment] It has been affectionally (and appropriately) named "Lil' Slowpoke". That label was on there when I got it, so no, I did not put it on there. Also, the HDD cover isn't colored right since its an after market piece. It originally had 2 FDDs.
  14. Guess I'll try HD SC Setup. We'll see how it goes. I think the drive was formatted with another utility as the HDDs pic is different.
  15. Only if the Cube is completely toasted like the one I bought.
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